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Brazil: Teaching Children The Beauty Of Blackness And African Culture

AFRICANGLOBE - Racism in Brazil is the perfect crime. The pervasive sentiments of anti-blackness was spread so well over the centuries that direct racism by the white population is not even necessary anymore as it is so deeply ingrained in the Black population that Black people themselves have accepted and help to spread this ideology.

What Reparations In America Could Look Like

AFRICANGLOBE - If the United States did decide to have some sort of program of reparations focused on righting the wrongs of the past, what might that program look like? Ta-Nehisi Coates made the case that America owes reparations to its Black community. But he purposely left out the details of what a reparations program might look like. We will now make a proposal, for your consideration.

Racist Gun Nuts Still Want To March In Black Neighborhood

AFRICANGLOBE - This weekend marked the second time Open Carry Texas planned to march in one of Houston's historically African American neighborhoods. And, for the second time, the Open Carry Texas folks called it off.

Brazil’s Ongoing Agenda To Erase Its Black Population

AFRICANGLOBE - Brazil's White elites saw it necessary that ALL Black persons eventually disappear into the desirable ideal of branquidade (whiteness)

CENSUS: Blacks Going Extinct In California

AFRICANGLOBE - The African-American population in San Bernardino County dropped for the first time in memory between 2012 and 2013, and growth in Riverside County’s Black population was slower than in past years, newly released Census Bureau estimates show. The Latino population in the two counties continued to grow steadily.

Why The U.S. Should Pay Reparations To Black Americans

AFRICANGLOBE - The case for reparations, in short, is straightforward. As a matter of public policy, America stole wealth from Black people, denied them a shot at prosperity, and deprived them of equal citizenship.

The Constant Shaming And Dehumanizing Of Brazil’s Black Population

AFRICANGLOBE - OK, so by now, you must already know the story. Brazil, the great melting pot where everyone is a mixed blood in a country where they don’t have racial problems, everyone lives harmoniously and lives happily ever after, right? Well, not exactly

Black And Thinking Of Moving To San Francisco? Don’t Do It!

AFRICANGLOBE - Another Black History Month with pomp, circumstance and countless hollow speeches has been taking place all over San Francisco. Does anyone notice it is only a matter of time until Black people living in San Francisco will become history?

The Black Matrix: The Social And Psychological Warfare Against Black America

Through its national media outlets the U.S. Government is using fraudulent propaganda to adversely manipulate and shape the minds and collective perceptions of its Black populations. The constant relentless bombardment with deplorably negative images of themselves that of which African Americans are so inundated with throughout the U.S. media is a deliberately designed psychological conditioning program.

America’s Slow Genocide Against its Black Population

The United States resisted signing the international treaty against genocide until 1988 – because it was guilty of the crime, and not necessarily finished....