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Is Trump Right? A Look At What Obama’s Done For Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - This weekend, ever-opinionated billionaire candidate for president Donald Trump lowed the boom on President Obama on the often discussed issue of what the first Black President has done for African Americans.

Donald Trump: No Black Presidents For A While Because Of Obama

AFRICANGLOBE - Donald Trump thinks the United States will not see another Black president for some time because Barack Obama has "set a very poor standard," the racial arsonist, loud mouth, entertainer and Republican presidential candidate told ABC News on Sunday.

Teacher Suspended After Telling Black Student ‘We Do Not Need Another...

AFRICANGLOBE - The teacher who is White, is accused of telling a Black male student, “We do not need another Black president” after the student said he would like to become president. The incident occurred on Dec. 3, with several other students present.

Post-Racial Society? No: With a Black President, All Issues Are Racialized

AFRICANGLOBE - Since the 2008 election of Barack Obama, the nation has had to contend with two competing narratives: one, the election of the nation’s first African-American president meant America was now A post-racial society. The second narrative was that the election of Barack Obama meant that “America” was in peril, and that a Socialist Kenyan became president again through nefarious means.

Black Jobless Rate Still Twice That of Whites

The African American jobless rate is about twice that of whites, a disparity that has barely budged since the government began tracking the data in 1972. In last week’s jobs report, the black unemployment rate was 13.2 percent, while the white rate stood at 6.8 percent.

Black Scholar: Obama a Hollow Prize for African Americans

They are his most unified and ardent supporters, but now some Blacks are questioning whether it was worth making a “race-neutral” president the first...