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Racists Call For The Murder Of Blacks After Fox Reporter Makes...

AFRICANGLOBE - A video was taken of a protest in St. Paul, Minnesota, where it seems a Fox reporter is attempting to bait protesters. The video is little more than a hit piece, with a reporter who clearly does not care about the protesters or why they are there. Understandably, the protesters tell the reporter to leave, but he refuses. The confrontation becomes more and more heated as he shoves the microphone into the protester’s face. Here is the footage.

Texas White Supremacist Threatens To Avenge Deputy By Hunting Down And...

AFRICANGLOBE - He picked up a shotgun and cocked it. “The last fricking thing some of you sons of b*tches will ever hear is that noise when we’re out there, when we come in your goddamn house,” Ener warned. “Don’t ever threaten another cop in Texas, don’t ever threaten another white person. You Black bastards, you goddamn Panthers and sh*t, try to come to another town and try to march — see what happens to you.”