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Black Residents Were ‘Left To Die’ After Hurricane Katrina

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the most troubling things about Hurricane Katrina was the government's recovery plan -- or lack thereof. Latoya Lewis, an organizer and employee at the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice, says she was a firsthand witness to the racial inequalities of the government’s response after Hurricane Katrina

Black Residents In Baltimore Aim Anger At Weak “Black Leaders”

AFRICANGLOBE - “Why should I feel different that a Black woman is mayor and a Black man is chief when they’re not doing anything?” In Baltimore, a preponderance of the city’s leadership and population is Black. But that has come as little comfort to African Americans who long ago surrendered any confidence in the police department.

Trader Joe’s: Black Residents Drive Grocery Store From Neighborhood

AFRICANGLOBE - Trader Joe's opted to terminate plans to build a new grocery store in a Black neighborhood. The decision to withdraw stems from vocal opposition from the Portland African American leadership forum. The group sent a “scathing” letter to city officials criticizing the move because it does not “primarily benefit the Black community.”