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The Dutch Don’t Think It’s Racist For Santa To Have Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - Every year around this time, people in the Netherlands paint themselves in blackface and go around pretending to be Santa’s African slaves. According to polls, 92% of Dutch people think this is just fine.

Dutch Abandon Racist “Black Pete” Tradition

AFRICANGLOBE - Black Pete, the jolly slaves of the Dutch Saint Nicholas, is finally getting a facelift after years of bitter debate including death threats against those calling for change. An Amsterdam court's ruling in July that Pete - traditionally dressed in a gaudy medieval costume with a blackened face, red lips and an afro wig - is a 'negative stereotype' encouraged many to try to change the deeply rooted custom.

Black Pete Is Just A Bit Of Fun For The Netherlands,...

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week, a Dutch court ruled that the depiction of Black Pete is, in fact, racist. The court determined that the character was “a negative stereotype of Black people”. Soon after, the council of Amsterdam filed an appeal against the verdict arguing that the stereotype of Black Pete wasn’t negative.

Black Pete Is Negative Stereotype, Amsterdam Court Rules

AFRICANGLOBE - A Dutch court has ruled that Amsterdam must re-think a racist parade in which White adults dress as Father Christmas' slaves in black-face makeup and Afro wigs. During the Christmas period, thousands of children watch adults re-enact the myth of the arrival of Sinterklaas, or St Nicholas, from Spain, who is accompanied by a flotilla of Zwarte Piets, or Black slaves, who hand out gifts.

Huge Protest Against Dutch Christmas Tradition That Denigrates Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - The Dutch equivalent of Santa Claus arrived in the Netherlands on Saturday to the delight of thousands of children. But some adults protested vigorously against one element of the beloved tradition they find racist: his servant/slaves in blackface makeup, Black Pete.