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Julius Malema Demands ‘Real Freedom’ For Black South Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - Black South Africans are still poor while the country celebrates 20 years of democracy in 2014, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has said. “Twenty years later, Blacks are still not free,” he said.

The Skin Bleaching Epidemic In Africa And The Diaspora

AFRICANGLOBE - Psychologists say there are also underlying reasons why people practice skin bleaching - but low self-esteem and, to some degree self-hate, are a common thread. I like White people. Black people are seen as dangerous; that's why I don't like being Black. People treat me better now because I look like I'm White.

South Africa: Whites Earn 6 Times More Than Blacks

White South Africans earn six times more than Black South Africans nearly two decades after the end of apartheid and much remains to be done to...

White Apartheid Denialism Drives a Knife Into the Belly of Black...

A few years back, a friend rode into town and asked to visit the Apartheid Museum. It was a big deal for this individual...