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Black Students Step Up #BBUM Campaign At Univ. Of Michigan

AFRICANGLOBE - The Black Student Union kicked off a social media campaign last fall at the University of Michigan that highlighted the concerns of Black American students about race relations at the predominantly White institution. The group took the consistently trending discussion to another level this week when it presented a list of demands to the school’s Board of Regents.

Affirmative Action Foe Attack Black Students’ Demands

AFRICANGLOBE - Jennifer Gratz, a well-known crusader against the use of affirmative action in college admissions, says a list of demands released this week by a group of Black students at the University of Michigan is unconstitutional. Gratz's comments echoed even harsher criticisms unleashed on social media against the Black Student Union. The backlash came after the group demanded Monday that the university enroll more Black students and make other changes at the Ann Arbor school.