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Baltimore Teacher Calls Students ‘Punk @ss N*ggers’ Who Are ‘Going To...

AFRICANGLOBE - A white Baltimore teacher was fired after crossing a line with an unruly class of 8th graders. A student filmed her losing her temper and calling her Black students “punk @ss n*ggers” who would be shot as a result of not doing their schoolwork. Parents of students at Harlem Park Elementary and Middle School are livid after a tape surfaced documenting the teacher using racial epithets to admonish her students.

White Students Yank Noose Around Black Classmate’s Neck While School Officials...

AFRICANGLOBE - “I feel like it escalated from them allowing kids to bring Confederate flags” to school, said a concerned mother from the area. Mississippi is the only state in the U.S. to feature the Confederate flag on its state flag. The boy’s mother was cautioned against filing a police report by a deputy after the incident, because one of her son’s attackers has a father who was once a police officer. Sheriff Boggs denied this, but did say that he told her that filing criminal charges may turn the student body against her son.

Black Students In The U.S. Get Criminalized While White Students Get...

AFRICANGLOBE - Black students are more likely to be punished with suspensions, expulsions or referrals to law enforcement, a phenomenon that helps funnel kids into the criminal justice system. Meanwhile, white kids are more likely to be pushed into special education services or receive medical and psychological treatment for their perceived misbehaviors, according to a study released last week in the journal Sociology of Education.

Asian Students Sue Harvard Over Admissions That Favor Black Students

AFRICANGLOBE - Harvard University's affirmative action policies, which the school says are aimed at achieving diversity on the vaunted campus of Cambridge, discriminate against Asians who often can't get in despite having higher test scores and grade-point averages than Black students who are accepted, according to a lawsuit filed Monday.

Is The Hatred For Trade Schools Really Class Warfare? Are Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - Trade schools have higher graduation and placement rates than other colleges, yet they are being singled out for cuts in college funding because of their student population.

Black Students Improving Faster Than Any Other Group

AFRICANGLOBE - Government data suggests persistent under-performance is on the way to becoming a thing of the past. According to recent Department for Education figures, the fortune of Black students has taken a turn for the better with a 3.5 per cent rise in passes to 58.1 per cent for the 2012/13 academic year. The increase, the biggest of any ethnic group, took Black pupils to just under the national average of 60.6 per cent, which also improved.

White Noise, Black Politics

AFRICANGLOBE - When writers erase Blackness from the political discourse, they violate the right of recognition that Black Americans share alongside our White counterparts. The consequences extend beyond a violation of democratic norms. Misrecognition has material consequences.

Successful Black Men Tell Black Students They Can Make It Too

AFRICANGLOBE - "It hurts when you fail, but it hurts more when you don't try," said professional mixed-martial artist Lumumba Sayers, 35. A group of successful Black men who know all too well the obstacles they faced on the way up are sharing a message of hope with students who look like them: We made it, and you can, too.

Black Students Step Up #BBUM Campaign At Univ. Of Michigan

AFRICANGLOBE - The Black Student Union kicked off a social media campaign last fall at the University of Michigan that highlighted the concerns of Black American students about race relations at the predominantly White institution. The group took the consistently trending discussion to another level this week when it presented a list of demands to the school’s Board of Regents.

Affirmative Action Foe Attack Black Students’ Demands

AFRICANGLOBE - Jennifer Gratz, a well-known crusader against the use of affirmative action in college admissions, says a list of demands released this week by a group of Black students at the University of Michigan is unconstitutional. Gratz's comments echoed even harsher criticisms unleashed on social media against the Black Student Union. The backlash came after the group demanded Monday that the university enroll more Black students and make other changes at the Ann Arbor school.

Teacher Suspended After Telling Black Student ‘We Do Not Need Another...

AFRICANGLOBE - The teacher who is White, is accused of telling a Black male student, “We do not need another Black president” after the student said he would like to become president. The incident occurred on Dec. 3, with several other students present.

War On Black Children: Black Students Arrested For Waiting For School...

AFRICANGLOBE - Three teenagers were arrested last week while waiting for a school bus. "It's a catastrophe. These young men were doing nothing wrong, nothing wrong. They did exactly what they were supposed to do and still they get arrested."

Black Students At University Of Texas Attacked By Epidemic Of ‘Bleach...

AFRICANGLOBE - On Wednesday, University of Texas student Bryan Davis, who is African American, was struck by a bleach-filled balloon (bleach bombs) while he was walking to visit a friend in a neighborhood populated by UT students.

Feds Probing Seattle Schools’ Treatment of Black Students

AFRICANGLOBE - The numbers are stark, although Seattle school administrators and many parents have been aware of them, and troubled by them, for years. African-American students are suspended from school more than three times as often as White students from elementary schools to high schools.

Record Number of Black Students In Md. Passed AP Tests

AFRICANGLOBE - More African-American students in Maryland's Class of 2012 successfully passed a rigorous Advanced Placement exam than ever before, as the state continued to lead the nation in the percentage of students deemed college- and career-ready, according to data released Wednesday by the national College Board.

Black Students Failing Because They are Raised by Single Mothers?

AFRICANGLOBE - A professor at the University of Texas has sparked outrage by claiming Black students are failing academically because they have been raised...