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Political Neocolonialism – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - We have been advised by fake Black leaders that are apparently nothing but modern day neocolonialist puppets to beg our oppressors, bow down to our exploiters and to accept our situations as the way it is!

Yes, You Absolutely Can And Should Question Kamala Harris’ Blackness

AFRICANGLOBE - When Black people question Kamala’s Blackness they also invariably question the prevailing paradigm that anyone in America with just a tint of West African blood should and must be regarded as Black instead of the other. That is not Black essentialism. That is white essentialism.

Stop Letting Politicians Use You As Props – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Kathleen Cleaver and Assata Shakur and other conscious Black women were not mistreated, exploited and victimized because they were Democrats or Republicans, African American women are used as political props because they are BLACK!

Calls For Democratic Lawmaker To Resign After Calling Black People N*ggers

AFRICANGLOBE - A groundswell of Maryland elected officials called Wednesday for the resignation of Del. Mary Ann Lisanti, the Har­ford County Democrat who used the n-word to describe a Prince George’s legislative district.

We Have The Evidence!: Kamala Harris Identifies As INDIAN Not BLACK!

AFRICANGLOBE - There has been much controversy regarding the Kamala Harris' record as a district attorney in California and her ethnic identity. The following article written based on an interview of Kamala Harris' aunt, Dr. Sarala Gopalan, and published by an Indian newspaper should erase all doubt as to who Kamala Harris really is, and how she identifies herself to the people who are closest and dearest to her.

Blackface; Lynching Pictures; Another Democrat Governor Exposed

AFRICANGLOBE - Horrifying blackface and lynching images from North Carolina Democrat Roy Cooper’s yearbook have emerged just days after he called on Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to resign over racist images in his yearbook. 

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown Admits To Giving Kamala Harris...

AFRICANGLOBE - Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco, admitted to having a previous relationship with California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris. He also wrote that he also used his political clout to boost her career while they were dating.

The Democratic Dilemma – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - If a political party gets around 90% of all Black votes cast and says it is not worthwhile to spend at least money collected from Black PACs, Black labor unions, Black organizations and Black individual donors with Black consultants, Black media, Black pollsters, Black printers, Black caterers, Black mailers and other Black businesses, it should tell you something.

The Black Agenda: Is The Congressional Black Caucus Still Relevant?

AFRICANGLOBE - Normally, one could assume it would be the Congressional Black Caucus whose gerrymandered districts encompass the most impoverished urban areas in the country that would most likely advocate a Black Agenda.  But it’s difficult to understand what the Caucus does anymore. They certainly don’t stand behind Black unity.

The Political Messenger – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - If you don’t believe African American voters have been sold some political snake oil, it will be crystal clear during the term of President elect Donald Trump! So called Negroes have told you election after election that our future, our progress and our hope was based on our blind support of a political party that, in many ways, seldom supported us. Not only were our issues not supported, our causes not supported and our businesses were not supported, we were neglected, we were exploited and we were used!

Barack Obama’s Hollow Legacy

AFRICANGLOBE - Obama’s legacy is in tatters, and that is good news. The most obvious example of Obama’s lack of substance was his relationship with Black Americans. His disdain and contempt for the people who loved him the most was clear to anyone who paid attention. Jokes about “cousin Pookie” and parents serving fried chicken for breakfast should have been seen as the racist screeds they clearly were. But the desire to see a Black face in a prominent place endures to our detriment.

Political Dummies – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - The Democratic Party is dead! Somebody call 911. Stop putting your time, your energy, your love, your money and everything else into a dead marriage, a dead relationship or a dead political party! That’s like pouring water on a dead plant. When you can’t fix a political party or a political operation that poisons your political life, leave the Democratic Party lovers alone.

This Is Why ‘Superpredator’ Hillary Clinton Lost The Election

AFRICANGLOBE - When you study the results and the politics of the just concluded U.S. Presidential Election there is this treasure trove of valuable information that if properly understood explains exactly why Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Big Problem For Clinton: Black Voters Are Not Turning Out

AFRICANGLOBE - Black turnout in early voting fell this year in some key states, compared to turnout four years ago. If Black turnout continues to decline this year, it could spell trouble for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, whose lead over Donald Trump has tightened after the FBI announced it would be investigating newly-uncovered e-mails related to Clinton's private server.

The Ballot Or The Beat Down – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - It’s 2016, an election year and also the year of the ballot or the beat down! If African Americans don’t stand up now and demand equal rights and justice for everybody living in the United States our parents, our children and our neighbors will continue to be beat down, or killed, physically, mentally and financially!

Is This The Beginning Of The End For Blacks And Democrats?

AFRICANGLOBE - The Obama era represents a peak in Black voters’ identification with the Democratic Party, which will have to fight to retain their loyalty. While President Obama made history by becoming the first Black president in 2008, Black voters made history four years later.