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Loving Our Women

Black men we have got to do better by our women! derogatory language, is all that I hear when it comes to our music,...

Black Women, the Most Religious Group in the U.S. – Study

Despite the sound and fury of the White male evangelical right-wing, Black women are the religious stalwarts of America. Period. A nationwide Washington Post and...

No More Chemicals: More Black Women Choosing To Go Natural

AFRICANGLOBE - More and more Black women are opting to wear their natural hair and discontinue use of relaxers," says a 2011 Mintel report showing that from 2006 to 2011, the sales of relaxer kits dropped 17 percent to $38 million. The trend is "expected to continue," the report states.

NYTimes ‘Black Women are Fat’ Writer Responds To Critics

“Many Black women are fat because we want to be,” Alice Randall stated in her NY Times Op-Ed piece that sparked a firestorm of online criticism and backlash. Randall wants to make one thing clear, “it is one woman’s opinion

Black Women Continue to Make Job Gains

Digging through the demographic data in America’s latest job numbers, one of the clear winners of the last few months has been Black women. Since December,...

Asians Pimping The Black Community, Especially Black Women

AFRICANGLOBE - I know a lot of you Neo-Negroes just got scared. But I’m not talking about shooting, cutting or stabbing. No, I’m talking about ECONOMIC WAR! If not now, then when? God knows the Asians declared Economic war on Black America

America’s War on Black Women and Children

White supremacy is on the offensive, especially against Black women. “Black people are punished for driving, for walking down the street, for having children,...

Black Women and the ‘War On Women’

I, like most of Black America, have been obsessed with the Trayvon Martin case and have been mulling the intricacies of the “Stand Your...

The Worst Cities for HIV and African-American Women

African-American women are five times more likely to contract HIV in the following six cities than are black women across the rest of America. 1....

Top 10 Myths About Black America – A Must Read

AFRICANGLOBE - Black America, If you haven’t read the works of Chancellor Williams of George James, you may still be amongst the thinking Blacks who realize that misinformation about the standing of Africans and Black America has been the order of the day for centuries.

Haircare Products Affects The Ability Of Black Women To Have Children...

AFRICANGLOBE - Very little if any media attention or research has looked at the possible connections between African American beauty salons, the personal care products utilized primarily by Black women and adverse health outcomes, specifically in the area of reproductive health. But that has begun to change.

Black Women More Ambitious Than White Women -Survey

When I awoke for work last night I had a News Alert from the Washington Post. It was regarding a special report based upon a new National survey where Black women define themselves. The email blast teased the five page article written by Krissah Thompson as revealing “how Black women in America feel about career, religion, relationships, personal finances and discrimination.” Reading through the content each of those subjects is touched upon but it all comes back to one of the central themes in which Black women have been discussed in the media for at least the last five years: relationships.

Cases Of Missing Black Women Continue To Be Ignored

There is a groundswell of criticism growing about the number of Black women who go missing every year. According to the National Crime Information Center, White women are the ones who get the most attention when they go missing. The FBI reports that in 2010, of the 273,985 minorities reported missing in this country, 85 percent were Black. The Black & Missing Foundation, Inc. (BAM), a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring awareness to a problem, states that most Black women disappear in New York, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Florida. Since the organization was launched in 2008, it has helped to either locate or bring closure to 71 missing persons cases. This January alone, the organization helped find six people, and all were found alive.