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Obama's Justice Department is Hiding Something on Malcolm X Murder

Forty-six years after the assassination of Malcolm X, a large segment of Black America believes the FBI played a part in the Black leader’s death. But the first Black U.S. attorney general refuses to reopen the case, and the FBI has claimed for 30 years – amazingly – that it never investigated Malcolm’s murder.

Black Pro-Life Organization Distributes Abortion DVD

The NAACP Convention has still refused to address the issue of abortion which has killed over 20 million African Americans to date and is decimating the Black community at the rate of 1,786 a day. 52% of all African American pregnancies end in abortion, according to the Guttmacher Institute which is the research arm for Planned Parenthood.

Cairo’s Black Community Dares to Keep Going

A ride through the streets of Cairo may not give you the complete picture of the city's popularity with the rest of Africa. Visiting the right places could.

Black Economy Disintegrates As Obama Welcomes Return to the Eisenhower Era

Wearing a strange smile, Barack Obama announced that he wanted a government the size of Dwight Eisenhower’s – the ultimate logic of having accepted the Republican premise that the nation’s greatest problem is debt.

12 Reasons Why Africans Are Poor, Miserable And Pitiable (5Of12)

AFRICANGLOBE - The number five reason why the Africans are poor, miserable and pitiable is because of his love for foreign made goods in general and ostentatious goods in particular even if such goods are no more than expensive toys that will do him no great good. And on the reverse side he has a total disdain for the products of his little creative ingenuity. Because of our mental conditioning by slavery, colonisation, imperialism and expert advertising, we have not only lost faith in our ability to use our creative ingenuity, we have also lost our faith in the little things we manage to produce or manufacture.

Republicans Tried to Block Compensation to Black Farmers

The House of Representatives rejected a last-minute Republican-sponsored attempt Thursday to block the federal government from paying a settlement it reached with black farmers who had been discriminated against by the U.S. Department of Agriculture over several years.

Boycot Non-Black Businesses Says Activist Group

The mere fact that there is an African American in office has not changed our reality. We are really stuck on stupid if we don't understand that symbolic power means nothing without mobilizing and organizing local communities across this nation.

NYPD Still Targeting Tons of Black People

Recent investigations into the NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy, which is ostensibly to find firearms but doesn't usually work out that way, show that not only are the searches illegal in many cases, but they overwhelmingly target African American men in poor areas.

Dr. Ben-Jochanan, Living Legend

Even those well acquainted with Dr. Ben’s illustrious career, may not be aware that in addition to being recognized as one of the world’s greatest Egyptologist, Dr. Ben is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Ge’ez, and Arabic.