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The Myth Of The Single Black Woman

AFRICANGOBE - To be single is not a crime. Yet, for more than two centuries, almost all white American media treated unmarried Black people, or Black communities of supposed “low rates of marriage,” as deviant, unstable and unfit. The idea that Black women “like to be single,” or that “Black men are irresponsible,” and that marriage was non-existent in Black communities, has always been as false as the racist machines that produced the propaganda and justified them as causes for socioeconomic deprivation in Black America.

Shame And Pride In A Relationship – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Almost every woman that wants a man wants a man that loves them,  cares about them, protects them and provides for them. They want all of that but only in the way that they want it! If everything isn’t done in their way, the woman will seek to end the marriage, relationship or friendship. Instead of “ride or die”, too many of us run and hide!

How This Black Man Made An Incredible Fortune In Early 1900s...

AFRICANGLOBE - It was surprising when details emerged that an African-American who had not only lived in Tsarist Russia (or imperial Russia) but had thrived to become one of the “most successful musical impresarios and businessmen” at the dawn of the 20th century. Known as Frederick Bruce Thomas and son of former slaves, Thomas would leave Mississippi in the U.S. and settle in Moscow, where he changed his name to Fyodor Fyodorovich Tomas, became famous and owned property before eventually settling in Constantinople, Turkish Republic. “Occasional American tourists who passed through Russia on their European tours would report their astonishment back home at having encountered a ‘prosperous’ and ‘diamond bedecked’ Black American in such an unexpected setting.”

Robert F. Smith Did Something Incredible; For That We Applaud Him

AFRICANGLOBE - Robert F. Smith may not be as well-known as his fellow American Black billionaires Oprah Winfrey ($3.5 billion) and Michael Jordan ($1.7 billion), but that might be changing soon! For those who don't know, Robert F. Smith is a financier who has a net worth of $5 billion thanks to his private equity firm Vista Equity Partners. For many years he trailed Oprah as the richest Black person in America. By March 2018 his $4.5 billion finally overtook Oprah's $3.3 billion, giving him the crown of richest Black person in America. As of this writing, Robert's $5 billion makes him the second-richest Black person in the world behind Nigerian oil magnate Aliko Dangote. Robert F. Smith was delivering the commencement speech for Morehouse College in Atlanta. During his speech he did something that stunned the graduating class and likely changed the commencement speech game forever.

Byron Allen Part Of A $10 Billion Media Acquisition From Disney

AFRICANGLOBE - Disney has finalized its deal to sell 21 Fox regional sports networks to Sinclair Broadcast Group in a transaction valued at $10.6 billion. Byron Allen, the entrepreneur behind Entertainment Studios and the owner of the Weather Channel, has teamed with Sinclair as an equity and content partner in the newly formed Diamond Holding Group.

Britain: Police Investigate Viral Video Of Officer Beating Man

AFRICANGLOBE - West Midlands Police has referred itself to the Independent Office for Police Conduct over footage of a man being repeatedly hit by a police officer. In the clip, which is only eight seconds long, one officer can be seen repeatedly striking the man on his head and holding his left arm, while another holds his right.

Black Votes Could Decide Everything In 2020 Election

AFRICANGLOBE - There's nothing unusual about a politician courting Black voters at the Alpha Kappa Alpha Pink Ice Gala, an annual fundraiser organized by a chapter of the national Black sorority. But when Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., took the stage, she brought something no presidential contender has before: Membership.