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Black Americans See Less Harmony With Police — And With Whites

AFRICANGLOBE - Nearly half (46 percent) of African Americans say they have "very little" confidence in the police to treat Blacks and Whites equally, according to a new USA Today/Pew Research Center poll.

Is The American Dream Of Homeownership Ending For Black Americans?

AFRICANGLOBE - The US Senate is currently considering legislation that would turn back the clock on homeownership opportunities for Black Americans. The Corker-Warner legislation would transfer the securitization role that historically has been performed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to a new government agency, the Federal Mortgage Insurance Corporation.

Huge Wage Gap Between Blacks and Whites Threatens to Tear South...

Income inequality is threatening to tear apart the fragile democracy that South Africa has been living under for the past 18 years, as the...

Poll Shows Racial Divide Over Trayvon Martin Murder

Blacks and whites across the country view the Trayvon Martin case and its potential racial implications in largely different ways, according to a new...