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The Myth Of The Single Black Woman

AFRICANGOBE - To be single is not a crime. Yet, for more than two centuries, almost all white American media treated unmarried Black people, or Black communities of supposed “low rates of marriage,” as deviant, unstable and unfit. The idea that Black women “like to be single,” or that “Black men are irresponsible,” and that marriage was non-existent in Black communities, has always been as false as the racist machines that produced the propaganda and justified them as causes for socioeconomic deprivation in Black America.

Shame And Pride In A Relationship – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Almost every woman that wants a man wants a man that loves them,  cares about them, protects them and provides for them. They want all of that but only in the way that they want it! If everything isn’t done in their way, the woman will seek to end the marriage, relationship or friendship. Instead of “ride or die”, too many of us run and hide!

These Black-Owned Hair Care Brands Are Chemical Free

AFRICANGLOBE - Hair care products for Black men and women generate billions of dollars in revenue every year. Sadly though, many of the companies that produce such products are not owned by Black entrepreneurs. Even worse, of the ones that are owned by Blacks, they are too often laced with chemicals and other harmful toxins.

The Biggest Breakthrough In Dermatology: S. African Scientist Discovers Cause Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - The University of KwaZulu-Natal's Dean of Clinical Medicine, Professor Ncoza Dlova is earning worldwide praise after she helped discover a new gene that is a major cause of permanent hair loss amongst women of African descent.