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Burkina Faso: Political Parties Set To Adopt Transition Plan

AFRICANGLOBE - Burkina Faso's political parties and civil society groups were on Sunday set to adopt a transition plan for the west African country after the ousting of veteran dictator Blaise Compaoré.

Burkina Faso: A Thousand Sankaras Come Of Age

AFRICANGLOBE - In 1987, Blaise Compaoré overthrew Thomas Sankara and took over the presidency. 27 years later, Thomas Sankara's ghost may be coming back to return the favour. 30 years ago, on 4 August, 1984, the former French colony of the Upper Volta was re-baptised as 'Burkina Faso' amidst a revolutionary process that proved to be one of the most inspiring, yet ultimately tragic, episodes of modern African history.

Burkina Faso President, A Canny Chameleon

AFRICANGLOBE - After overthrowing his close friend Thomas Sankara in a bloody coup d'état, Burkina Faso's captain-turned-president, Blaise Compaoré, has held power for more than two decades. He was often accused of ruling with an iron fist and sponsoring rebellions all over west Africa. But nowadays Beau Blaise portrays himself as a respected statesman who can soothe rather than stir things up.

Is President Blaise Compaoré Finally On His Way Out?

AFRICANGLOBE - Having been in power since 1987, when he led a coup d'état against his former friend and predecessor Thomas Sankara, Blaise Compaoré may finally see his time in office come to an end.

Burkina Faso: Dictator Blaise Compaoré Survives Assassination Attempt

AFRICANGLOBE - A renegade soldier has made an attempt on the life of Burkina Faso's longtime dictator Blaise Compaoré, reports Fasozine. The attack took place on Friday night. Fasozine reports official sources as saying that a former member of the presidential guard, Romuald Tuina, was shot dead in a gun battle with security forces.