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Almost Half Of All Sex Trafficking Victims Were Abused By Cops...

AFRICANGLOBE - A shocking new report from the Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women paints a disturbing picture of law enforcement and their role in sex trafficking. The report found that instead of preventing child and adult sex trafficking, many police officers are participating in it.

Serial Pedophile Cop Arrested On 80 Counts Of Sexual Abuse Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - Sexual misconduct among police officers is an unfortunately common crime. Multiple studies have shown that hundreds of cops a year are arrested or accused of sexual misconduct. In fact, the second largest complaint against officers — second only to excessive force — is that of sexual abuse. More startling is the fact that over half of the sexual abuse instances involve children.

DISTURBING VIDEO Shows NYPD Thugs Ripping 1yo Baby From Mother’s Arms

AFRICANGLOBE - Disturbing eyewitness footage of a group of NYPD police officers wrestling an infant child away from his mother on the floor of a benefits office in New York as sparked outrage online and among city politicians.

NYPD Thug Cops Caught Planting Evidence

AFRICANGLOBE - As we've discussed many times before the problem with police is not just a question of individual personal bigotry. It's that police are systemically directed and employed disproportionately against Black men. The NYPD still has arrest and ticket quotas to meet. If a cop doesn't meet these quotas he doesn't get promoted. He doesn't get plum assignments or overtime. There are a million and one ways that the command structure can mess with a cop thought to be insufficiently productive or aggressive.

Why Aren’t Second Amendment Advocates Decrying Police Killings Of Black Veterans?

AFRICANGLOBE - On Thursday, November 22, Black veteran Emantic Bradford Jr., was killed by police in Hoover, Alabama as he apparently tried to protect people from getting hurt after a gunman opened fire inside the Riverchase Galleria mall. Bradford was shot after police made the assumption they usually make in these kinds of cases: any Black man with a gun must be the criminal “perp.”

Pittsburgh Police Force Forced To Disband After Murdering Black Teen

AFRICANGLOBE - You can hear a pin drop at East Pittsburgh police headquarters. No one is speaking publicly, and within days, there will be no one there left to speak. East Pittsburgh is disbanding its police department, and the Pennsylvania State police will provide police services there starting this weekend.

Crooked Ex-Police Chief Gets 3 Years In Prison For Framing Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - A former South Florida police chief has been sentenced to three years in prison for framing Black people for crimes they didn’t commit, in order to boost his department’s crime-solving stats. Raimundo Atesiano, 53, formerly the chief of the Biscayne Park Police Department in Miami-Dade County, was sentenced by a federal judge on Tuesday to less time than some of his victims for conspiracy to deprive individuals of their civil rights.

Time To End Laws That Help Police Get Away With Murder

AFRICANGLOBE - California is widely believed to be one of the most progressive states in the country. But it’s also home to some of the most unjust laws in the nation, which allow police officers and prison guards to commit violence and even murder while remaining insulated from accountability — specifically when it comes to police misconduct and violence against the public they are supposed to protect and serve.

Hero Security Guard Who Stopped Mass Shooting Is Killed By Cops...

AFRICANGLOBE - Early Sunday morning, a tragedy took place in Illinois after a hero security guard stopped what was quickly becoming a deadly mass shooting, only to be shot by police moments later. Jemel Roberson, 26, was working security at Manny’s Blue Room Sunday morning when his heroism got him killed.

Cop Caught Dashcam Raping Women, Arrested AGAIN For Raping Another Woman

AFRICANGLOBE - A man who swore an oath to uphold the constitution, and whose ostensible job description is to protect the public he serves, has been charged with sexual assault while on duty — for the second time — in just two months. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Spring Hill Police Officer Christopher Odom was caught raping at least two women in two separate incidents during on-duty traffic stops in June and July.

Police Officer Accused Of Raping Man In Station’s Broom Closet

AFRICANGLOBE - A veteran Salem patrolman, who’s also the husband of the city’s police chief, told superior officers he “gave into temptation” when he allegedly raped a drunk inmate in a station broom closet, according to prosecutors and reports on the case. Salem police Officer Brian Butler, now on paid administrative leave and facing up to 20 years in state prison, told one captain who confronted him, “I am embarrassed and I gave into temptation. I’ve embarrassed myself, my family and the police department ... I’ve ruined a 24-year career,” court documents state.

“N*ggers Go Home”: Black Protesters Assaulted By Pro-Police Group After Cops...

AFRICANGLOBE - A group of white people in Chicago angrily confronted Black Lives Matters activists who were on their way to console the family of a Black man shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. “N*ggers go home!” the mob yelled hours after the shooting. "A young white guy [walked] up with a baseball bat," activist Kofi Ademola said. "The police took the baseball bat from him. White people are driving by and yelling at us 'n*ggers go home! Get the f-ck out of here! Blue Lives Matter.' More of them got out of the car and chanted 'CPD! Blue Lives Matter.'"

St. Louis Cop Caught Posing For Picture With Dead Body

AFRICANGLOBE - On August 8, 2016, Kim Staton’s son, 28-year-old Omar Rahman, was found dead in a home in Pine Lawn. The North County Police Cooperative responded. But Staton says ever since her son’s death, she’s heard little from police. “I really don’t know, actually, what happened to my son,” she said. Now she says she’s hurt even more. Weeks after Rahman’s death, a photo, appearing to depict the scene of her son’s death, was leaked.

Blue Lies Matter Silent After Iowa Cop Killer Is Identified As...

AFRICANGLOBE - While the Black community was blamed when a Black man killed police officers last summer, the tone is different when the suspect is a white, Confederate flag-waving Trump supporter. When three police officers were shot and killed in Baton Rouge last July, there was so-called "national outrage" — but there was increased fervor from many conservatives, led by Trump, who demanded “law and order,” immediately blamed President Barack Obama and pointed to the Black Lives Matter movement. Meanwhile, following the coldblooded killing of two police officers in Iowa by a white, Confederate flag-waving man with a Trump-Pence sign on his front lawn, the outrage by Trump and his surrogates and supporters has been considerably more subdued.

Des Moines Police Killing Suspect In Custody

AFRICANGLOBE - Authorities apprehended a man Wednesday suspected in the early morning killings of two Des Moines area police officers who were shot to death while sitting in their patrol cars in what authorities described as separate ambush-style attacks. Officers from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office and Iowa State Patrol took 46-year-old Scott Michael Greene into custody and were taking him to Des Moines, police said. His arrest came about eight hours after the killings to two officers.

Two Cops Executed By White Thug In Des Moines – Blue...

AFRICANGLOBE - Two Des Moines area police officers were shot to death on Wednesday in ambush-style attacks while they were sitting in their patrol cars, and police are searching for suspects, authorities said.