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Lawyer Who Defended Killer Cop Michael Rosfeld Has His Office Shot...

AFRICANGLOBE - The lawyer who represented a former Pittsburgh police officer acquitted Friday in the shooting death of an unarmed Black teen had his office fired upon overnight.“I got a call last night, about 12:30 this morning,” Patrick Thomassey, the lawyer who represented former officer Michael Rosfeld, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Saturday.

Cop Who Shot Unarmed Therapist Gets Off Scot-Free

AFRICANGLOBE - The police shooting of Charles Kinsey on July 18, 2016, outraged the nation, as video footage captured Kinsey lying on his back with hands in the air, begging the cops not to shoot his patient who was holding a toy – but a cop shot him anyway. Now, because American citizens have been conditioned to accept rampant police incompetence and violence, the cop who shot him has been acquitted.

NYPD Officer Caught On Body Cam Getting “Oral” From Subordinate

AFRICANGLOBE - The NYPD is investigating two Brooklyn police officers for allegedly having sex in a patrol car, after the cops managed to inadvertently record their raunchy rendezvous on a body-worn camera, according to multiple reports.

Another Man Wrongfully Imprisoned For 17 Years Sues Police

AFRICANGLOBE - A Missouri man wrongly imprisoned for 17 years on murder charges alleges in a federal lawsuit that police knew he was innocent and helped prevent his conviction from being overturned.

Cop Punished For Refusing To Help Cover Up Shooting Of Autistic...

AFRICANGLOBE - It’s no secret that if you go against the code of silence, and you report corruption, it will ruin your career. Isaac Lambert is the latest victim of his fellow Chicago officers retaliating against him for refusing to cover up the shooting of 18-year-old Ricardo Hayes in 2017.