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Former Georgia Officer Arrested On Rape Charges

AFRICANGLOBE - The scratches across Martin’s chest and neck, which are visible in his booking photo, are from the victim fighting back. Both of his eyes are also swollen from the alleged struggle.Martin was booked into the Rabun County Jail for holding after being denied bond in Murray County, the Daily Citizen reported.

‘Blue Lives Matter’ Bill Adds Cops To ‘Protected Class’ – Could...

AFRICANGLOBE - Last year, in an outburst of pure insanity, the National Fraternal Order of Police, a union representing over 300,000 officers, called for cops to be included under Congress’s hate crimes statute. This demand has now materialized into actual legislation being presented to Louisiana lawmakers. What this law would eventually do is make police officers an elite protected class for no other reason than their choice to become a police officer. By this logic, private security officers should also be protected under hate crime laws as they are the targets of murder far more than police officers.