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Pop Stars And Their Patronisation Of Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Often, naive celebrities have burnished their own reputations as missionaries of a troubled age. Bob Geldof and Bono are seeking to “end poverty”, Angelina Jolie is “protecting” refugees and rape victims, George Clooney is “saving” Darfur, Sharon Stone is campaigning for mosquito nets, Madonna has adopted children in Malawi as if buying new pets, and Prince Harry is on his way to Namibia to “save” the black rhino. This cult of celebrity has often led to a dangerous dumbing down of issues and brushed aside other innovative and resilient grassroots efforts.

Ethiopia, 30 Years After The Famine

AFRICANGLOBE -To be in Ethiopia is to witness an economic miracle. The country has enjoyed close to double-digit growth for a decade. One study found it was creating millionaires faster than anywhere else on the continent. The streets of Addis Ababa reverberate with hammering from construction workers as the concrete skeletons of new towers and a monorail project rise into the crane-dotted sky.