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Too Long: NYPD Thugs To Start Wearing Body Cameras In 2019

AFRICANGLOBE - A new contract agreement between Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York Police Department’s union, will require 20,000 officers to wear body cameras under the country’s largest body camera program. While the agreement still has to be ratified by NYPD's nearly 24,000 police union members, it envisages that all officers below the rank of sergeant will wear body cameras by the end of 2019.

Protecting Killer Cops: NC Gov. Sign Bill To Keep Police Body...

AFRICANGLOBE - As expected, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed into law a body-camera legislation that essentially defeats the purpose of having body cameras in the first place. Everybody is sick of police officers murdering Black people and using excessive force and not being held accountable. Body cameras are a way to hold police accountable. A bunch of local governments started ordering body cameras and devising sensible policies for how and when body camera footage should be released to the general public. Then a bill surfaced this session that gives near-complete authority over the release of those videos to the police department—the very people body cameras are meant to hold accountable.

Body Cameras Can’t Stop Bad Cops

AFRICANGLOBE - Raymond Kelly, twice the police commissioner of New York City changed his mind about body cameras on policemen back in April, the day he saw Walter Scott running away from a trigger-happy white cop named Michael Slager in North Charleston, S.C.

Will Video Cameras Reduce Police Brutality?

AFRICANGLOBE - If a cop can’t be indicted for choking a man to death on a city street, then under what circumstances can a cop be indicted? Garner was begging for his life and said "I can't breathe"11 times, as Pantaleo strangled him to death on a sidewalk in an incident captured on film.

Why All Police Officers Must Wear Body Cameras

AFRICANGLOBE - The benefits of police body cameras are two-fold. Body cameras could deter the abuse of police power. Officers and citizens may feel more secure knowing the camera will protect them against false accusations.