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African Baby Stabbed In The Head By Racist Jew, Suffers Brain...

AFRICANGLOBE - A 50-year-old Israeli man stabbed the baby daughter of an Eritrean asylum seeker in the head with a pair of scissors last week at the central bus station in Tel Aviv. Police say the attack was not racially motivated – although that is far from clear. According to police, the suspect, who was arrested on the day of the attack, has been hospitalized at Abarbanel Mental Health Center for observation since the day after that.

The Wandering Mind: Is The Brain the Mind?

AFRICANGLOBE - The “Mind” of the individual is constructed from all of his or her experiences and actually begins at child birth. There are some of “us”, who believes, that the forming of the “Mind” of the person begins forming during the 9 month journey that it takes with the mother.