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3 Obvious Reasons For The Racial Wealth Gap In America

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the most disturbing consequences of the Great Recesssion was how it wiped out the wealth of many households, especially in Black communities, which had some of the highest foreclosure rates after being targeted by predatory lenders.

How America’s Wealthiest Black Families Invest Money

AFRICANGLOBE - The gaps in wealth and income between white and Black Americans are stark – and haven’t narrowed significantly in 50 years. There are even big gaps among Black and white business owners. According to data from the Federal Reserve Board’s Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF), white Americans’ median incomes were 70% higher than Black Americans’ in 2010. Overall net worth was 7.9 times larger for white Americans.

Unconscious Racism Against Black Women?

AFRICANGLOBE - Recent events suggest that some inherent if unconscious racism still exists among some faculty and students at American universities. It is certainly noticeable that two courageous Black women should have been slighted by two major universities both of which portray themselves as supporters of diversity. It is ironic since both women have risen above the difficult circumstances of their early lives to high levels of accomplishment.

Black Families Have Three Times Less Wealth Than Whites – Study

AFRICANGLOBE - The wealth gap between White and Black families has exploded over the past 25 years, affecting the comfort of Black families, the viability of Black neighborhoods and the opportunities of successive generations of African-American young people, according to a fascinating new study by Brandeis University’s Institute on Assets and Policies.