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The Eugenics Agenda Is Moving Full Speed Ahead In Brazil

AFRICANGLOBE - The eugenics agenda is still working at full steam in present-day Brazil, and the debates about the construction of our racial identity – in which we are still crawling – collide with a wall of colonized minds that can still be seen through the eyes of their former masters.

Number Of Brazilians Defining Themselves As Black Has Increased By 32%...

AFRICANGLOBE - From 2012 to 2018, the number of people declaring themselves pretos, meaning Blacks, increased by almost 5 million in the country. The população branca (white population) continues to shrink and pardos(browns) continue to be majority. In 2018, Brazil had 19.2 million people who declared themselves black – 4.7 million more than in 2012, which corresponds to a 32.2% increase in the period. This is revealed by a survey released on Wednesday (22) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

Brazil’s Greatest Writer Was A Black Man, But They Whitewashed His...

AFRICANGLOBE - “Machado de Assis was a Black man. Racism portrayed him as white.” These are the first phrases of the campaign created by Faculdade Zumbi dos Palmares (Zumbi dos Palmares College), in São Paulo, in partnership with the advertising agency Gray. The action, launched in April – in the month of Dia Mundial do Livro (World Book Day) – aims to highlight the Black identity of one of the greatest Brazilian writers and founder of the Academia Brasileira de Letras (Brazilian Academy of Letters).

Brazil’s Love Affair With The Confederacy Ignites Racial Tension

AFRICANGLOBE - Brazil has a long, strange relationship with the United States Confederacy. After the Civil War ended in 1865, ending slavery in the United States, some 8,000 to 10,000 Southern soldiers and their families left the vanquished Confederacy and went to Brazil. There, slavery was still legal. Roughly 40% of the nearly 11 million Africans forcibly brought across the Atlantic between 1517 and 1867 went to work on sugarcane plantations in Brazil. It was the last country in the Western Hemisphere to formally abolish slavery, in 1888 – 23 years after the United States.

Vogue Brazil Fashion Director Resigns After ‘Slavery’ Themed Party

AFRICANGLOBE - The fashion director of Vogue Brazil has resigned after she was accused of racism because her slavery themed birthday party which showed depictions of colonial slavery. The fashion director of Vogue Brazil has resigned after she was accused of racism because her slavery themed birthday party which showed depictions of colonial slavery.Pictures taken at Donata Meirelles’ 50th birthday show her sat on a throne, surrounded by Black women in white dresses, at a party in Bahia, the state with the biggest Black population.

Brazil: Man Strangled To Death By White Security Guard

AFRICANGLOBE - Another tragedy in Brazil and against yet another young Black man. Security guard Davi Ricardo Moreira was arrested for strangling and murdering Pedro Henrique Gonzaga, at a hypermarket in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio.

Brazil Is Targeting Its Black Population For Death

AFRICANGLOBE - A Black person is murdered in Brazil every 23 minutes. What’s startling about that statistic — and Brazil’s record-high murder rate, in general — is that it is all too often the Brazilian police responsible for killing a generation of Black mothers, fathers, future doctors, promising artists and composers — and rising politicians like Marielle Franco.

The Swirling Tendencies Of Black Women: They Are Justifying It With...

AFRICANGLOBE - Since the period of slavery when rape was perpetuated by the slave masters, social relations in Brazil occurred largely between white men and Black women. Even during post-slavery this dynamic of relations between Black women and white men continued. For it is more feasible for a Black woman to have relations with white men, because they enjoy more social privileges and more favorable financial conditions. What is there to say about the many domestic servants who were often forced to have relations with their white bosses to keep their jobs, and often times this kind of relationship was consensual.

Brazil: Culprits Who Assassinated Black Activist Marielle Franco ‘Identified’

AFRICANGLOBE - The head of the investigation confirmed the assassination was carried out by paramilitary members with the "very likely" participation of politicians. Marielle Franco, an Afro-Brazilian councilwoman, who was critical of police violence and the right-wing government, was assassinated in Rio de Janeiro along with her driver Anderson Gomes the night of Mar. 14, two weeks after she was named a rapporteur in a special commission to monitor military intervention in Rio de Janeiro.

Supporters Of Brazil’s New President Calling For The Death Of “These...

AFRICANGLOBE - With the election of an extreme right presidential candidate, many supporters call for death of Black Brazilians. Bolsonaro supporters have taken the politician’s cue and expressed how they really feel about a number of topics being discussed amongst Brazilians. One worrying thing we keep seeing popping up is the manner in which Bolsonaro supporters feel in relation to Black Brazilians. Several recent incidents signal what the next four years may be like for Black Brazilians under a Bolsonaro presidency.

Brazil’s Black Hair Revolution Continues! Photos From The Curly/Kinky Hair Pride...

AFRICANGLOBE - Early this afternoon, a friend of mine sent a link to me of an article/video that she found from the U.S. Black women’s magazine website Essence about Afro-Brazilian women making transitions from straightened hair to natural kinks, coils and curls. Entitled “Afro-Brazilian Hair Stories”, it perfectly captured the experiences of so many Black Brazilian women coming to find beauty in their natural tresses in a country in which their self-esteem is assaulted daily with negative comments, jokes, laughter and even job rejections all because afro-textured hair has for centuries been discriminated against and considered ugly, unprofessional, uncivilized and the like by white society.

Brazil’s Soft Genocide Against Blacks, One Killed Every 23 Minutes

AFRICANGLOBE - The shocking amount of killings of young Black people in Brazil revealed in a new report shows that Black lives don't matter in the South American country. The crisis of fatal violence against Afro-descendents in Brazil that sees one Black youth killed every 23 minutes in what some have called an “undeclared civil war,” according to a new Senate committee report announced on Monday, is leading experts to raise alarm over a “genocide” suffered by young Black people in the South American country.

Brazil’s Police War Against Its Black Population

AFRICANGLOBE - The Brazilian police force is one of the deadliest in the world. Brazil’s population is 50 percent smaller than that of the United States, but the Brazilian police has killed more people in a recent five-year span than U.S. police killed in the last 30 years. 80 percent of those killed are young, Black and poor. Salvador da Bahia, the state capitol of Bahia and the third-largest city in Brazil, has the largest concentration of Black Brazilians in the country. “The numbers are equivalent to a country at war,”

Racial Democracy Or Informal Apartheid? South Africa And Brazil

AFRICANGLOBE - Over the years, there has been a long running debate as to which nation is/was the most racist against Black people. Traditionally, in comparison with the United States and South Africa. Brazil’s particular brand of racism could actually be seen as even more efficient than that of the other two countries because of the fact that for decades, Black Brazilians, the victims of the country’s sophisticated method of racism, often bought into the idea that Brazil was in fact a ‘racial democracy‘.

Brazil: Ad For World Breastfeeding Week Harks Back To Slavery Era

AFRICANGLOBE - “something as simple as changing the skin color of the people presented in a given photo can present an entirely different meaning.” An ad for World Breastfeeding Week in Brazil provides an excellent example of this. A photo featuring a white woman breastfeeding a white baby wouldn’t necessarily garner any attention. Nor would a photo of a Black woman breastfeeding a Black child. But a photo featuring a Black woman breastfeeding a white child is proving controversial.

Is The Color Of One’s Partner A Random Choice? One Woman’s...

AFRICANGLOBE - Interracial relationships. Yes, we’ve talked about them before, but the conversation has been expanding for a number of years. As we continue to explore this issue, we push aside accusations by some that anyone who supports the union of Black men and Black women must be some sort of Hitlerite racist who hates interracial couples.