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Brazil: Number Of Black College Students Grew 230% Over The Last...

AFRICANGLOBE - More than half of the population self-declared itself negra, preta or parda in the census conducted by the IBGE in 2010. But only 26 out of 100 students from the country’s universities are Black. Although still far smaller, the access of Black people to higher education increased 232% between 2000 and 2010.

The White Man’s Illness

AFRICANGLOBE - The terrible legacy of racism for white people, expressed in branquitude as the affirmation of a supposed superiority over these Black people, is a socio-economic privilege and imagery that transforms, equally, into a precarious self-concept, dependent upon discrimination against Black men and women, and on a collective level, configure itself as an oligarchic defense of interests that excludes from democratic processes a significant portion of the population, that “washes its hands” in regards to certain social injustices.

Black Consciousness As A Social Construct And The Illusion Of Human...

AFRICANGLOBE - In Brazil the month of November is accompanied by a drive on the 20th, Day of Black Consciousness, established in memory of Zumbi dos Palmares, who died in 1695. The date is not commemorative, but a score to remind us of the role and the struggles of Black people in Brazilian society.

77% Of Young People Killed In Brazil Are Black

AFRICANGLOBE - Violence in Brazil claimed the lives of 56,000 people in 2012, of which 30,000 were aged 15 to 29 years of age. Of these, four out of five were Black, corresponding to 77% of the total.

Documentary Sheds Light On Black Brazilians Affected By Military Police Massacres

AFRICANGLOBE - Sure there are plenty of things of which one can like about Brazil. But police murders and violent oppression of poor, mostly Black neighborhoods in not one of them. The number of homicides coming out of Brazil are more synonymous with a country at war than a country that officially ended a 21 year military dictatorship nearly 30 years ago. And although people still don’t like to admit the influence of race, the irrefutable fact is that such violence affects Black Brazilians much more than those who are considered White.

Brazilian TV Show ‘Sex And The N**gaz’ Sparks Racism Outrage

AFRICANGLOBE - Shocked television viewers in Brazil are coming to terms with a primetime adaption of the popular US series Sex And The City which has been given the controversial title ‘Sexo e as Negas’, translating as ‘Sex and the N**gaz’.

Brazil: Five Black Teens Killed In Massacre – Police Death Squad...

AFRICANGLOBE - Sometimes there are simply no words to describe tragedies that happen. And as these type of things are the norm in Brazil, what more can really be said? One thing is that there is simply a disregard for life and another is that it appears that Black youth are endangered species throughout the country.

Five Reasons Why Marina Silva Lost The Race To Become Brazil’s...

AFRICANGLOBE - What in the world happened to Marina Silva's presidential campaign? In the 2010 presidential election, Silva came out of nowhere to win 19.33 percent of the vote. In 2014, she looked like she might win it all. Instead, she blew what seemed like an insurmountable path to the October 26 runoff, falling into third place with just 21.32 percent of the vote, more than 10 percent behind the second-place finisher.

Brazil: A Tale Of Two Female Candidates

AFRICANGLOBE - Six weeks ago, when she jumped into the presidential race, Marina Silva was hailed as a dynamic outsider who could shake up Brazil’s political status quo.

If Elected Marina Silva Would Be Brazil’s First Black President

AFRICANGLOBE - Marina Silva, a front-running presidential candidate who grew up in the Amazon jungle and could become the first Black to lead Brazil's government, said Wednesday that if elected she'll improve ties with the U.S. and strongly push for human rights in nations like Cuba.

Angolan Navy Acquiring Seven Patrol Vessels From Brazil

AFRICANGLOBE - The Angolan Navy will receive seven Macae-class patrol boats from Brazil, with four to be built in Brazil and three in Angola. The Brazilian and Angolan defence ministers signed a Technical Memorandum of Understanding covering the production of the vessels as part of Angola’s Naval Power Development Programme.

March Against Black Genocide Galvanizes 50,000 In Brazil; Where Is The...

AFRICANGLOBE - The consistent pattern of genocide being carried out against the Black population of Brazil has long been a topic of concern. Whether being killed in day to day violence, by Military Police (MP) in actions of which the policy seems to be “shoot first and ask questions later”, death squads whose hit men are often composed of off-duty MPs or victims of the stray bullets fired in majority Black neighborhoods, the bodies continue to stack up.

Brazil: The Place Where The Dream Of Blacks Is Not Being...

AFRICANGLOBE - This post is yet another great analysis of how Brazilian society has contributed to the historic manner in which blackness is seen and experienced. Frequently we cover topics such as Black identity (or lack thereof), racism, exclusion, stereotyping, murder, interracial marriage and image, all of which, one could argue, are connected. Wherever the debate about the topic of race and racism in Brazil may take place, someone is sure to make the argument that “those problems don’t exist here”, “we’re all mixed” or “Brazil’s not like that”

Apartheid Continues In Bahia, Brazil

AFRICANGLOBE - A company in Brazil attracted attention when advertising six openings for receptionists in which the women could only have “White skin”, between the ages of 18 and 28 and above height of 5’7”. In a capital city where most people are Black.

“Blond Bombers” And The Ongoing Whitening Of Blackness In Brazil

AFRICANGLOBE - According to anthropologist João Baptista de Lacerda speaking at the first Universal Races Congress in London in 1911, by the year 2012, the half-breeds and the Black race would have disappeared. Apparently, the plan didn’t quite work although it continues a work in process. Over the centuries, anti-Black social ideals weaved themselves into the fabric of Brazil's social imagination to the point that blackness is, for millions, a classification that is to be avoided.

The End Of Western Dominance Of The Global Financial And Economic...

The Fortaleza Summit marks the beginning of the end of the post-Second World War Western dominance of the global economic and financial order. The existing institutions will now have to share space with the new entrants and may be compelled to adjust their norms to compete with the latter.