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Africans In Brazil: Zumbi Dos Palmares

AFRICANGLOBE - Zumbi dos Palmares was born free in the Palmares region of Brazil in the year 1655, the last of the military leaders of the Quilombo (Kimbundu word: "kilombo," of the North Mbundu Bantu language in Angola, meaning "warrior village or settlement") of Palmares.

Joaquim Barbosa, Elected First Black President Of Brazil’s Supreme Court

AFRICANGLOBE - The judge overseeing a major corruption trial in Brazil has been appointed president of the Supreme Court, the first Black person to hold the post. Judge Joaquim Barbosa, who was born into a poor family, has been praised for his judicial independence.

Brazil – An Inconvenient History

AFRICANGLOBE - While the history of slavery in the US is widely known, few people realize that Brazil was the largest participant in the slave trade. Forty percent of all slaves that survived the Atlantic crossing were destined for Brazil, while only four percent were sent to the US. At one time half of the population of Brazil were slaves, and it was the last country to officially abolish slavery in 1888.

Brazil Refusing Entry to Hundreds of Haitian Migrants

Thousands of Haitians left their country in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. While many fled to the United States, others made the arduous...

Police Death Squads Haunt Brazil’s Favelas

AFRICANGLOBE - Brazil has begun to teeter on the brink of human rights violations” as it begins to clear 1.5 million poor citizens most of whom are Black Brazilians from their neighborhoods in preparation for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Killings of favela residents far exceed police violence, even in the United States.