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Black Consciousness As A Social Construct And The Illusion Of Human...

AFRICANGLOBE - In Brazil the month of November is accompanied by a drive on the 20th, Day of Black Consciousness, established in memory of Zumbi dos Palmares, who died in 1695. The date is not commemorative, but a score to remind us of the role and the struggles of Black people in Brazilian society.

Brazilian Society Continues To See Black Hair As A Joke: After...

AFRICANGLOBE - There are still serious debates about racism in Brazil. People are used to closing their eyes to everything, this story of a ‘mixed race and happy people ‘ is a lie! Veiled racism is what happens here.

Brazil, Colombia Grappling With Racism That Keeps Blacks on Bottom

For decades, Brazil touted itself as the most racially diverse society in the world, celebrating the idea that there was no racism in Brazil because its...