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Anti-Blackness And The Brazilian Elections

AFRICANGLOBE - It is clear from the results of the latest Brazilian elections that antiblack hatred remains an effective symbolic and practical political tool. And it’s evident that Bolsonaro’s political bloc represents the intensification of the ways in which collective aversion of the most vulnerable—Black and nonblack—is expressed and condoned.

Brazilian Swirler Assaulted By Middle Age Hitler Supporter, White Husband Does...

AFRICANGLOBE - More from the land of “we Brazilians aren’t racists!” Today’s latest example of unbridled, in your face racism is not at all shocking to me as I have always been on the side of the fence that says both subtle and blatant racism have ALWAYS existed in Brazil! Today’s case, once again, reveals so much about race relations in Brazil, much of which has been covered. Before we get into the analysis, let me first share with you the latest racial incident from the ‘racial paradise’.