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Meet The Only Black Woman In America Who Owns Her Own...

AFRICANGLOBE - 48-year old Kiko Davis is the majority stockholder of Detroit-based First Independence Bank, one of the top 10 largest Black-owned banks in the United States. This makes her the only Black woman in the country who owns a bank.

Black People Why Live Amongst Your Enemy

AFRICANGLOBE - The idea is simple, I work hard for what I have, and I have a RIGHT to live wherever I choose. Basically, white people don’t have to like us, but you will respect our right to live. That has always been the goal, right? Have we taken into consideration what living amongst our enemies can do to us mentally, or to our children? Should our kids be exposed to racism where they lay their heads? What price are we willing to pay to prove a point?

Afro-Brazilians Becoming More Conscious Of Their Economic Power

AFRICANGLOBE - Afro-Brazilians becoming more conscious of how and with whom they spend their money and are seeking to support Black businesses. Recent data shows us that the spending power of Brazil’s Black/brown population is in the neighborhood of about R$1.7 trillion (reais). In a capitalist society like Brazil, it’s clear that every company wants a slice of this near R$2 trillion pie.

Whites Are The “Master Race” According To This Kansas Govt Official

AFRICANGLOBE - Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer has called on a White county official to resign after the official said at a public meeting that he belongs to “the master race.” Leavenworth County Commissioner Louis Klemp cited the master race — the Nazi ideology of Aryan supremacy — at a board meeting

Did Illinois Prison Guards Murder This Black Inmate?

AFRICANGLOBE - Larry Earvin died from blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen, the death certificate from Clinton County in southern Illinois said. The 65-year-old Earvin sustained 15 rib fractures and two dozen or more abrasions, hemorrhages and lacerations. Surgery to remove a portion of his bowel appears to have followed the injury, the report says.

White Racist Who Shot At Teen Asking For Directions Sentenced To...

AFRICANGLOBE - Jeffrey Zeigler, a white man from Michigan who initially faced up to life imprisonment for shooting at a Black teen who was just asking for help to find his way to school, has recently been sentenced to four to ten years in jail. On the other hand, the victim, Brennan Walker, has been in therapy indefinitely due to the trauma he has been suffering since the shooting incident.