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Mother Of All Lootings: The Benin Bronzes

AFRICANGLOBE - The British punitive expedition of 1897 goes down in history as one of the darkest episodes of Britain's imperial past on the continent. It also unwittingly kick-started the european obsession with stealing African art and artefacts that has reached its apogee today.

Dazzling Jewels From 2,000-Year-Old Ethiopian Grave Reveal Link To Rome?

AFRICANGLOBE - Spectacular 2,000-year-old treasures from the Roman empire and the Aksumite kingdom, which ruled parts of north-east Africa for several centuries before 940AD, have been discovered by British archaeologists in northern Ethiopia.

The British Museum Must Return Africa’s Stolen Treasures

AFRICANGLOBE - The British Museum is no more than a thieves’ kitchen of plundered African history and treasures and a continuation of Britain's cultural cannibalism. That is our history you see there in the museum. That is our culture. Is it any wonder that Africa is the state it is in when our history and culture is on display thousands of miles away in the centre of London?

British Museum and Archaeologist Confirm Identity of Stolen Egyptian Artefact

AFRICANGLOBE - With 1 stolen Egyptian artefact identified and saved from auction, officials continue to investigate 5 more in the largest-known theft since the January 2011 revolution.

Archaeologists Strike Gold in Ethiopia in a Quest to Find Queen...

A British excavation has struck archaeological gold with a discovery that may solve the mystery of where the Queen of Sheba of biblical legend...