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Criminal Gangs Are Targeting African Immigrants For Extortion – British Police

AFRICANGLOBE - Criminal gangs are demanding up to £20,000 from European 'contacts' of African immigrants for the release of hostages. British police have been warned that Africans in the UK are being targeted for extortion by gangs.

Violence As Jury Rules Mark Duggan Was Lawfully Executed By British...

AFRICANGLOBE - Supporters of the father-of-six reacted angrily after the jury ruled that he was lawfully killed by officers who stopped his taxi in August 2011. His death sparked several days of riots in London and across much of the rest of the UK, and police fear there could be further disorder following the verdict.

British Police Under Spotlight Over Stop and Search

Black and ethnic minority communities in Britain are still more likely to be stopped and searched by police, according to statistics, despite coming under...

British Police Face Investigation For Racist Incidents

London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is at the centre of a growing storm about police racism. Eight officers and one civilian member of staff...

British Police Still Terrorising Black Children

The mother of two young daughters who have been left traumatised after being stopped and questioned by armed police is calling for the matter to be raised in Parliament.

Black Family’s Ordeal as 50 Armed Cops Storm Home

Delroy Gardner, 31, said he was lying in bed watching TV with his wife Leonie Reece, at around 2.00 am on August 17 when the front and back doors of their home in Harlesden, north London, were kicked in and around 50 cops stormed in, pointing guns in their faces.