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British Pervert Sentenced For Raping Kenyan Girls

AFRICANGLOBE - A British man who allegedly befriended vulnerable families in Kilifi county in Kenya, and then abused their children, has reportedly been sentenced to 18 years and six months in prison. The 72-year-old used his "elevated status" among villagers to groom young girls by taking them on trips. He also bought them meals and let them stay in hotel rooms with him.

President Mugabe Accuses British American Tobacco of Sabotage

AFRICANGLOBE - The heat against British American Tobacco (BAT) intensified last week, after President Robert Mugabe threatened the company with unspecified action over allegations...

Chuka Umunna: Can He Become The ‘British Barack Obama’

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite his protestations, Chuka Umunna, Labour Member of Parliament can’t hold back speculation that he may become the’ British Obama’. The former lawyer, who was born and raised in Streatham, has climbed the ranks of the Labour party with record speed.

British Telecommunications Expanding in South Africa

Global communications and IT services group BT is expanding its infrastructure investment in South Africa with the opening of an international network traffic routing facility at Melkbosstrand in the Western Cape.

"Is it Because Im white?"

Historian David Starkey, who sparked controversy by claiming that white rioters were influenced by ‘gangster culture’, said his comments wouldn’t have provoked public outrage if he was black.

War on Black Britons Heats Up British PM Introduces Tough New...

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a tough zero-tolerance approach for those found guilty of being involved in recent disturbances with repercussions such as benefits cuts or eviction from their homes.

Washington Coming To It’s Senses On Libya?

British Foreign Secretary William Hague today said: "What happens to Gaddafi is ultimately a question for the Libyans." Hague echoes the same about-face that's been voiced in the last week through many NATO capitals, starting with Paris, then followed by Rome, Washington and now Britain.