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6 Ways White Supremacy Takes Its Toll On Black People’s Mental...

AFRICANGLOBE - Officially, Kalief Browder died as a result of suicide at his family’s home in the Bronx this weekend. Yet it’s not a stretch to say the racist criminal justice system that locked him up for more than three years without a trial was likely the main culprit for the young man’s death. This is what white supremacy does. It disproportionately targets Black people and uses its system (jails, police, unsupportive work environments, white privilege at universities and other institutions) to break them. But it is not just about jails. Even young black kids who attend pool parties are at risk.

Wrongly Imprisoned For Three Years, Kalief Browder Commits Suicide

AFRICANGLOBE - A 21-year-old New York man who spent three years in a city jail as a teen and was subjected to beatings by guards but never charged with a crime has committed suicide.

Shocking Video Shows Teen’s Horrifying 3-Year Incarceration At Rikers Island

AFRICANGLOBE - Ten days before his 16th birthday, Kalief Browder was arrested in the Bronx on charges of stealing a backpack. Browder would spend the next three years at Rikers Island, New York City’s massive jail complex, awaiting trial. He spent two of those years in solitary confinement. His case was eventually dismissed.