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U.S. Prisons ‘Disproportionately’ Black

AFRICANGLOBE - Prisons across the United States are "disproportionately" filled with Black people who are being incarcerated increasingly with solitary confinement. This is a development that really, really ought to worry more of us and that we really ought to pay a lot more attention to and its happening in many places around the country".

Murdering Fred Hampton And Black Power With Bruce Dixon And Todd...

AFRICANGLOBE - Coming on the heels of the 44th anniversary of the assassination of Fred Hampton (December 4, 1969) and the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party Bruce Dixon of BlackAgendaReport.com and Dr. Todd Steven Burroughs of DrumsInTheGlobalVillage.com were on hand for a discussion of the academic erasure of radical politics from The Black Panther Party and Black Power.