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Egyptian Economy Worst Than Previously Thought

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt's newly-appointed finance minister said on Wednesday that political instability would cause the economy to grow more slowly this year than earlier official forecasts showed, with the budget deficit also bigger than thought.

An Economics Lesson On Deficit And Debt

AFRICANGLOBE - In economics it is always useful to put numbers in a broader context. In the case of deficits, it is useful to compare them to the size of the economy—just as a $200 bet in a March Madness office pool looks different if you are Microsoft founder Bill Gates or an undergraduate intern in the office.

Ghana Wants Private Sector To Lead Development

AFRICANGLOBE - Ghana is taking steps -- including reducing its deficit and inflation -- to help the private sector lead the country's transition to middle-income status, President John Mahama told a news conference on Tuesday. Government's role is to smooth the way for the private sector, Mahama said, as he defended his government's record at a news conference to mark the first anniversary of his inauguration to a four-year term.

Egypt’s Looming Economic Crisis

Egypt is teetering on the edge of an economic crisis. Cast adrift in a deepening political quagmire over the past fourteen months, the economy...