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Employment Situation Improves In October–Except For Black Americans

AFRICANGLOBE - The employment situation in October improved in every way for most Americans, except for African Americans, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Unemployment For Black Americans Drops To Lowest Level Since November 2008

AFRICANGLOBE - The unemployment rate for African-Americans is the lowest it's been during the Obama presidency, falling to 11.6 percent in April. The latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Friday not only show a decrease of 0.8 percent in the Black unemployment rate.

Unemployment Rate Still Disheartening for African-Americans

AFRICANGLOBE - The nation’s overall unemployment rate has slipped to its lowest number in four years, but finding jobs continues to be a struggle...

US Jobs Report: Black Unemployment Continue to Rise

U.S. employers added 171,000 jobs in October and hiring was stronger over the previous two months than first thought, but the outlook remains dim...

Black Women Continue to Make Job Gains

Digging through the demographic data in America’s latest job numbers, one of the clear winners of the last few months has been Black women. Since December,...

Latest Jobs Report Offers Little Hope for Blacks in America

Norman Jones, woke up last Friday, got dressed and went to the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services (DOES) for a job pre-screening...

Is The Black Unemployment Rate Already 20 Percent?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of August 2011 the national unemployment rate is 9.1%. When you add those who are employed part time for economic reasons, others marginally attached to the labor force and those who have stopped looking for work, that rate jumps to 16.2%.