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Top 5 Reasons To Get Listed In A Black Owned Business...

AFRICANGLOBE - The internet is a game changer and has already transformed a lot of Black owned businesses. Those who have embraced the internet can attest that it has helped them grow their customer base by offering cheap and readily available marketing options. This opens a marketing channel that allows customers to support the Black community through purchasing goods or services from these companies. Some of the benefits that come with listing a company in the Black owned business directory include:

The Small Business Directory: Connecting Black Business

AFRICANGLOBE - Entrepreneurs and business professionals have a new resource that may be the key to unlocking success as well as circulation of the dollar within Black communities. The Small Black Business Directory will help small Black businesses connect easier with their customers.

New Website Encourages Black Businesses, Entrepreneurship

AFRICANGLOBE - A new effort was launched recently to engage more African American businesses in Jacksonville to network with each other and grow their businesses.