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France Plots Assault On African Markets And Trade

AFRICANGLOBE - French President Francois Hollande reacted to being told France is in danger of missing the boat in Africa on Tuesday by challenging the nation's business leaders to double trade with the continent. Citing a report that meeting that goal over the next five years would generate 200,000 jobs in France, Hollande told a major conference of French and African business leaders: "That is our objective: France must double its trade with Africa."

Africa May be the Next Factory to World

AFRICANGLOBE - African countries have seen high levels of economic growth over the past decade. That’s despite the global economic crisis that struck in 2008 and 2009. Greater regional integration will prepare the continent to be the next factory to the world. That can happen, when wages start rising in countries, such as China and Vietnam.

Towards a $1 Trillion African Agribusiness Sector by 2030

AFRICANGLOBE - African farmers and the agribusiness sector could create a trillion-dollar food market by 2030 if they could access more capital and electricity, better technology and irrigated land, according to a World Bank report released in March 2013.

How To Rob Africa – A Must See Video

AFRICANGLOBE - The world's wealthy countries often criticise African nations for corruption - especially that perpetrated by those among the continent's government and business leaders who abuse their positions by looting tens of billions of dollars in national assets or the profits from state-owned enterprises that could otherwise be used to relieve the plight of some of the world's poorest peoples.

Kenya Ponders Future Of Economic Ties Ethiopia

Policy and business leaders are confident that the death of Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia’s two decade long leader, will not derail any of the economic...