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This Entrepreneur Started A Wine Making Business With Just 23 Cents

AFRICANGLOBE - “Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have much money to start your business. The initial capital is not the cash, but the business idea you have. It is the business idea that will generate the cash, not the cash that will start the business:.

7 Game-Changing Black Entrepreneurs You Should Know

AFRICANGLOBE - Here's a look at seven up-and-coming Black business owners who are killing it. Badasses in their respective industries, they're fueling innovation and working to break down barriers in fields with a desperate need for more Black entrepreneurs.

2017 Will Be Africa’s Year?

AFRICANGLOBE - For the economic juggernauts of Africa, economic diversification is no longer an option, improving the non-resource tax systems is a must, and enhancing agricultural productivity is not an outdated concept. Consider this: Higher productivity would not only raise the incomes of farmers, it would also free up resources, such as labor, for other economic sectors.

Algeria Turns To Africa To Solve Its Economic Problems

AFRICANGLOBE - When oil prices plunged, the Algerian economy followed piling pressure on policymakers to find a sustainable solution. The government in response to this opted to diversify. They launched a new economic strategy that looked at developing new ideas to take the country away from oil revenue dependency. The government opted to slow public expenditure by 9 per cent in reaction to low oil prices.

How Developed Continues Are Plundering Poorer Nations

AFRICANGLOBE - Since 1980, developing countries lost $16.3 trillion in their net resource transfers with the rest of the world, money that could have been used to reduce poverty and inequality and boost poor countries’ economies. The figure shows how poor countries have acted as the world’s creditors, with tax havens providing an avenue for the system that supports the world’s rich at the expense of everyone else.

9 Lessons Africa Can Learn From Black Wall Street

AFRICANGLOBE - Black businesses flourished on The Black Wall Street and the community developed so much so that white communities on the south side became bitter and envious of wealth and prosperity on the north side. The story of The Black Wall Street is filled with many lessons that will help our own country and communities to prosper in much the same way.

15 Gangster Movies Every Entrepreneur Should See And The Lessons They...

AFRICANGLOBE - Gangsters became such a fascination in the early 20th century that Hollywood, always looking for a new trend, jumped on it with gusto. They haven’t stopped since. Some of the most memorable films of all time come from this genre, which touches on so many factors that make up America, including an entrepreneurial spirit. Of course, the entrepreneurs in these cases work outside the law, which is not advisable. But in watching these movies from the perspective of a business owner, each offers a lessons we could all do well to remember.

Want To Be Your Own Boss? Here’s What You Need To...

AFRICANGLOBE - “I want to be my own boss” is a thought that has definitely crossed the minds of most corporate managers at some time in their careers. When you look at all the work you put in at work, working 12 hour days, the thought of doing all this work for yourself would definitely have crossed your mind. This thought had often crossed my mind as well before I set out on my own and founded my own company.

10 Ways To Support Black-Owned Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - Research has found that if higher-income Black consumers spent at least $1 out of every $10 with Black-owned businesses, it would generate one million jobs for African Americans. Knowing how much of an impact supporting Black business can make, how do we go about supporting them?

There’s A New Billionaire In Asia Every Three Days

AFRICANGLOBE - If you have hopes of becoming a billionaire, and you want to move to a place where statistics are most on your side, a new report released by UBS and PricewaterhouseCoopers gives a clear answer on where that would be: Asia. Of all the world's continents, Asia is the most efficient at popping out billionaires, doing so at a rate of roughly one every three days.

Turning A Dollar Into $500 Million: The Story Of Cosmas Maduka

AFRICANGLOBE - In today’s Nigeria, the name Cosmas Maduka is synonymous with Coscharis Motors. And why wouldn’t it be since the bearer of the name is the multi-billionaire Chairman/CEO of Coscharis Group of Companies and the sole distributor for BMW in Nigeria. Dr. Cosmas Maduka’s success is one that everyone knows of, but let’s go through his journey to success together.