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Black Business Ownership Culture Needed – Dr Henry Lowe

AFRICANGLOBE - Black Jamaicans need to create a culture of business ownership similar to the Chinese and Indians, reasoned scientist and business owner Dr. Henry Lowe.

From Prison Cell To Business Owner

AFRICANGLOBE - Like any entrepreneur, Leroy Johnson admits he spends a lot of time thinking about new plans to expand his growing business. But Johnson, the Creative Director of In-Sync, a music company that includes an online radio station, a digital music distribution arm and a DJ talent agency, is no ordinary entrepreneur.

Black Entrepreneurs See Big Hurdles To Success

The priorities of entrepreneurs are often more fundamental, the urgency is often greater, and the opportunities differ based on the lens through which a business owner sees the world.

My Brother’s Keeper From A Single Father, Business Owner’s Perspective

AFRICANGLOBE - I must admit, being a single father of two Black boys isn’t easy, especially since my wife passed away 12 years ago. From breaking up fights, to discussing college and career choices, I’ve learned that being a good father means more than just “being there.”

Surveillance Video Catches Police Informant Planting Crack On Black Business Owner

Surveillance video shows an unnamed White man pull what appears to be crack cocaine out of his pocket and place it on the counter. Business owner Donald Andrews was charged with felonies -- criminal sale and criminal possession of a controlled substance -- that could have put him behind bars for 25 years.

Employer: Obama Won, So I Fired 22 Employees

AFRICANGLOBE - A Las Vegas business owner with 114 employees fired 22 employees today, apparently as a direct result of President Obama’s re-election. “David” (he...