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Black Business Ownership Culture Needed – Dr Henry Lowe

AFRICANGLOBE - Black Jamaicans need to create a culture of business ownership similar to the Chinese and Indians, reasoned scientist and business owner Dr. Henry Lowe.

Black Dollar Project: Changing The Game $1 At A Time

AFRICANGLOBE - There was a strong spirit of unity earlier this month, when business owners, clergy, media outlets and community leaders gathered at Texas Southern University’s Jesse H. Jones School of Business Auditorium for the historic launch of The Black Dollar Project, a new economic movement, originating from Houston, Texas.

So You Want To Be A Billionaire?

AFRICANGLOBE - Billionaires either solve a problem or meet the demand of the masses. While most entrepreneurs try to avoid problems, billionaires view problems as business opportunities. Steve Jobs was an expert at solving a problem and creating demand for Apple products. Bill Gates solved problems dealing with computers. Henry Ford made cars affordable for the masses.

Chinese Imports Threaten Kenya’s Textile Industry

AFRICANGLOBE - Textile workers and business owners in Kenya complain that the import of cheap goods from China and second-hand textile goods from other countries are threatening their industry and suppressing the number of good manufacturing jobs available to Kenyan workers.

Starting a Business: Take the Initiative – Create Your Own Future

People are successful because they have made a clear, unequivocal do or die decision to be successful. People are unsuccessful because they have not...

10 Top Reasons Why First-Time Business Ventures Fail

"For entrepreneurs -- especially those just starting out -- businesses succeed as much as they fail. I’ve seen this time and again as a...

Jamaican Politicians Furious Over Colour Prejudice by Non-Black Business Owners

As anger boils in Jamaica over reports of colour prejudice in the job market, a livid labour and social security minister, Pearnel Charles, has likened the skin-tone discrimination to apartheid South Africa and has vowed to drag bigoted employers before the courts.