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Tulsa Works To Restore Entrepreneurial Spirit Of ‘Black Wall Street’

AFRICANGLOBE - Now, nearly 100 years after white mobs burned down Tulsa’s Greenwood district and murdered many of its residents, local leaders are working to teach the community about Greenwood’s prosperous past and recapture its entrepreneurial spirit. Gurley and Stradford literally laid the groundwork for what would become known as Black Wall Street by purchasing undeveloped land in Tulsa and building commercial spaces and housing.

Sports Store Going Out Of Business After Deciding To Boycott Colin...

AFRICANGLOBE - A sports store in Colorado is going out of business after its owner decided to boycott Nike products to protest the company's advertising partnership with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

How To Sell To Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - To encourage advertisers to reach out to African American consumers. The Secret of Selling the Negro depicts the lives, activities, and consumer behavior of African American professionals, students, and housewives. A Business Screen reviewer noted that the film focused on the “bright positive” aspects of the “new Negro family.”

How Stagnant Real Wages Could Eventually Hurt Small Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - In 1964, $2.50 could buy you quite a bit. Today, the average hourly wage of the mid-1960s is just about enough to buy a pack of gum and a postage stamp, but the average hourly wage his risen nearly tenfold to $22.65. So, American workers should be better off, right?

These 4 Businesses Are Owned By Black Women. Support Them!

AFRICANGLOBE - As a Black woman, it can be hard to find inclusive products that are tailored to your individual skin and hair needs. Fortunately, these Black-owned subscription boxes provide the solution to your problem.

America’s Long History Of Opposition To Black Business Growth

AFRICANGLOBE - In the days of Jim Crow, it was unimaginable that a Black-owned business would be able to compete in the marketplace against established whites. The risk of being able to overcome such an impediment was too high. Many Blacks are unaware of the Battle of Tulsa, the Elaine Arkansas Massacre and other violent racial attacks designed to destroy Black economic success. However, those memories are implanted in the psyches of many African Americans.

America Has Over Two Million Black-Owned Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - According to the United States Census Bureau, there are more than 2 million businesses in the country that are owned by African Americans. That statistic dispels a lot of rumors that African Americans are not successful in business. On the contrary, Black-owned businesses are a huge asset to the U.S. economy. But wait there’s more!

Bank Calls Cops On Black Man Because “His Paycheck Was Too...

AFRICANGLOBE - A Black Ohio man said bank tellers refused to cash a paycheck from his new job, and then called 911 on him, because they were suspicious that he earned so much. Paul McCowns tried to cash his first paycheck from a job with an electric company Dec. 1 at Huntington Bank in the Cleveland suburb of Brooklyn, reported WOIO-TV.

Killer Mike Gets Netflix Series – A Must Watch

AFRICANGLOBE - Killer Mike is one of the most politically engaged and progressive thinking MC’s in the hip-hop game. Not only is he politically active but he still finds time to spit heat on the mic as one half of the rap duo Run The Jewels. Now Killer Mike will explore cultural taboos with his newest venture on Netflix, a six-part episode series entitled Trigger Warning. The series is set to debut on January 18, 2019.

This Is Why We Bank Black

AFRICANGLOBE - The overall message is that 50 million African-Americans with 1.3 trillion dollars have tremendous economic power. ‘Black Money Matters’ and 2019 promises to be another record-breaking year. One day before MLK was assassinated, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. asked people in Memphis to put their money in a Black bank. Almost 50 years later, the call to action remains the same. Bank Black. Buy Black. Join the movement.

11 Black-Owned Businesses That You Should Support

AFRICANGLOBE - It’s always important to think about what (and who) you support—and it’s always a great time to shop at and support Black-owned businesses. When people need new cosmetics, apparel, or décor, they tend to shop at big-box retailers; few people shop at Black-owned businesses. Here’s a short list of some of our favorite businesses!

Meet The Only Black Woman In America Who Owns Her Own...

AFRICANGLOBE - 48-year old Kiko Davis is the majority stockholder of Detroit-based First Independence Bank, one of the top 10 largest Black-owned banks in the United States. This makes her the only Black woman in the country who owns a bank.

Black-Owned Bank Launches ‘Take A Knee’ Campaign To Take ‘Bank Black’...

AFRICANGLOBE - One United Bank officials launched their “Take a Knee” campaign with the unveiling of “Last Man Standing”, work by internationally acclaimed artist Addonis Parker. The Take A Knee Campaign is a nod to the national #TakeAKnee movement started by Colin Kaepernick and followed  by over 180 football players including Eric Reid and Kenny Stills in which they refused to stand during the national anthem and instead took a knee in silent protest of police shootings of unarmed Black people

Six Interesting Facts About Black-Owned Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - Black-owned businesses accounted for about 28% percent of all businesses in Washington, DC, the highest ratio in the nation. Second, was the state of Georgia, where 20% of businesses were Black-owned, and the state of Maryland, with about 19% in Illinois.

Once Homeless, This Entrepreneur Now Owns A $20 Million Trucking Company

AFRICANGLOBE - 34-year old Amari Ruff had a rough start growing up. As a teenager, he had to balance studies and work to help his mother make ends meet while moving between homeless shelters. But now, he owns a multi-million dollar trucking company called Sudu that connects underserved entrepreneurs to giant companies such as Walmart and UPS.

Feeding Our Black Neighborhoods – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Many of the people in the hood that don’t die a natural, physical death will surely die an economic death if they don’t ever learn that in a capitalist society, capital is the primary motivating factor. In an economic sense, every since the first person of African descent stepped off of a slave ship and set foot on an American shore, Black people have never been properly fed! We have worked and didn’t get paid. We have contributed and didn’t get recognized. We have supported and we ended up getting used and ignored!