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Black-Owned Bank Launches ‘Take A Knee’ Campaign To Take ‘Bank Black’...

AFRICANGLOBE - One United Bank officials launched their “Take a Knee” campaign with the unveiling of “Last Man Standing”, work by internationally acclaimed artist Addonis Parker. The Take A Knee Campaign is a nod to the national #TakeAKnee movement started by Colin Kaepernick and followed  by over 180 football players including Eric Reid and Kenny Stills in which they refused to stand during the national anthem and instead took a knee in silent protest of police shootings of unarmed Black people

Six Interesting Facts About Black-Owned Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - Black-owned businesses accounted for about 28% percent of all businesses in Washington, DC, the highest ratio in the nation. Second, was the state of Georgia, where 20% of businesses were Black-owned, and the state of Maryland, with about 19% in Illinois.

Once Homeless, This Entrepreneur Now Owns A $20 Million Trucking Company

AFRICANGLOBE - 34-year old Amari Ruff had a rough start growing up. As a teenager, he had to balance studies and work to help his mother make ends meet while moving between homeless shelters. But now, he owns a multi-million dollar trucking company called Sudu that connects underserved entrepreneurs to giant companies such as Walmart and UPS.

Feeding Our Black Neighborhoods – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Many of the people in the hood that don’t die a natural, physical death will surely die an economic death if they don’t ever learn that in a capitalist society, capital is the primary motivating factor. In an economic sense, every since the first person of African descent stepped off of a slave ship and set foot on an American shore, Black people have never been properly fed! We have worked and didn’t get paid. We have contributed and didn’t get recognized. We have supported and we ended up getting used and ignored!

How You Can Earn Money By Selling These Sneakers

AFRICANGLOBE - “Business has been moving faster than expected,” explains Tarik Edmonson, owner & CEO of SneakersCustom.com. Their company sales have been strong all over the globe – with orders coming in from Africa, Europe, North America and the Caribbean. Their products are available through independent wholesalers and direct from their website. Recently, they've launched an affiliate/wholesale program that allows other entrepreneurs to start their own business and generate revenue from a very easy-to-sell product.

21 Quotes On Entrepreneurship: By Africans For Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - Entrepreneurship does take a toll on your social life. You are always focused on the business, thinking about work, even when you’ve taken time off to unwind… You need to be passionate about what you are doing. Then you need to have a purpose – for me it’s building a legacy and having a positive influence in society. Then you need perseverance to stick through the tough times; a plan to get you where you want to go; and good people to walk with you.

This Racist Business Owner Insulted A Black Woman. Now He No...

AFRICANGLOBE - The Dairy Queen owner shouting the n-word at Deianeira Ford told her he could say whatever he wanted at his fast-food restaurant — that any accusations and complaints she uttered would fall on deaf ears. Ford was vindicated two days later, when her Facebook post about the incident provoked outrage so strong that the Dairy Queen in Zion, Ill., couldn't open for business.

Former NBA Star Jamal Mashburn Now Owns More Than 80 Franchises

AFRICANGLOBE - Success on the court doesn't always lead to success off the court for many professional NBA players who retire from the sport. But for this former NBA player, it lead to owning 80 franchise locations and five car dealerships.

Business Portal Seeks To Build Support Network For Black Entrepreneurs

AFRICANGLOBE - Jack Standokes was tired of the negative talk about the Black community. He watched video clips of police brutality and read the hateful comments on social media. He heard the claims over and over again: The Black community doesn’t support one another. Instead of grabbing a protest sign, the 38-year-old Standokes decided to start a network, one that connected businesses within the Black community.

Ditch The Big Box & Support Black-Owned Businesses On Black Friday...

AFRICANGLOBE - Black Friday for much of America means queuing up in absurdly long lines outside foreboding big-box retailers in hopes of securing all manner of deep-discounted consumer stuff. More level-headed oppositional movements, such as Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday, have prospered in recent years. Now, a local push looks to maintain the post-holiday shopping tradition, but with a moral twist, one that puts the BLACK in Black Friday.

Why You Should Start A Business And Become Your Own Boss

AFRICANGLOBE - “Moving into self-employment can be hugely beneficial. It gives you the autonomy to do things your way, which can be a huge bonus for people who have spent years working for others.

9 Lessons Africa Can Learn From Black Wall Street

AFRICANGLOBE - Black businesses flourished on The Black Wall Street and the community developed so much so that white communities on the south side became bitter and envious of wealth and prosperity on the north side. The story of The Black Wall Street is filled with many lessons that will help our own country and communities to prosper in much the same way.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Listed In A Black Owned Business...

AFRICANGLOBE - The internet is a game changer and has already transformed a lot of Black owned businesses. Those who have embraced the internet can attest that it has helped them grow their customer base by offering cheap and readily available marketing options. This opens a marketing channel that allows customers to support the Black community through purchasing goods or services from these companies. Some of the benefits that come with listing a company in the Black owned business directory include:

The Campaign To ‘Buy Black’

AFRICANGLOBE - “There’s a myth that’s been placed on our communities for many generations: White people’s ice is colder. White businesses are superior to Black businesses,” says Ron Busby, president of the U.S. Black Chambers, a national business organization for Black-owned companies. “We have to change that mentality. We have to be better, conscientious consumers.”

10 Ways To Support Black-Owned Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - Research has found that if higher-income Black consumers spent at least $1 out of every $10 with Black-owned businesses, it would generate one million jobs for African Americans. Knowing how much of an impact supporting Black business can make, how do we go about supporting them?

13 Amazing Black-Owned Software And Tech Companies

AFRICANGLOBE - There are hundreds of software and technology companies in the U.S. Some of the top well-known ones include Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google -- But there are also many successful technology companies in the U.S. that are Black-owned. Here are some of the best ones we could find.