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South African Surgeons Performs World’s First Successful Penis Transplant

AFRICANGLOBE - The world's first successful penis transplant was recently performed at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. This pioneering operation restored the dignity of a 21-year-old man who lost his penis when it developed gangrene after a ritual circumcision, and it has probably also given him back the ability to father his own children naturally - something doctors hint he has been trying out for more than a month.

A ‘Gay-Friendly’ Mosque Just Opened In South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - On Friday in a suburb in Cape Town, South Africa, Muslim worshipers convened for the first time at a new mosque. Outside, a few protesters gathered against them. Inside, they were outnumbered by the news media crews sent to watch them.

Cape Town: Two Tales In One City

AFRICANGLOBE - Africans continue to live in squalid conditions while whites live in unbelievable opulence in and around Cape Town. “I am really frightened at what is happening in our country right now. But I am more concerned about what is happening in the Western Cape. The place is plagued by unending services delivery protests,”

The 10 African Cities Poised For Take-Off

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa is on the move – economic growth is robust, foreign investment is growing and its expanding urban middle classes are creating an internal market of global scale. The continent is actively harnessing its natural resources, but Africa is not just about the commodities boom: growth in manufacturing, technology and telecoms, finance and business services, outsourcing, retailing and hospitality are all changing the face of the continent’s cities.

Africa Is Resource-Rich But People Stay Poor’

AFRICANGLOBE - In many resource-rich countries the higher export prices often only benefited foreign-owned oil and mining companies and small economic and political elites. These groups benefited at the expense of the public.

Riding South Africa’s Cape By Rail

AFRICANGLOBE - For those living in the southern suburbs you will regularly hear the “choo choo” of the steam train as it takes passengers along the rugged coastline from Cape Town to Simon’s Town. Well, Metrorail also has an exclusive tourism train that not only transports passengers along the False Bay coast but offers special trips to Stellenbosch and Khayelitsha.

From Drug Dealer To Social Entrepreneur: Craig Ross Shares His Story

AFRICANGLOBE - Craig Ross has turned his life around and can be described as an international tech and social entrepreneur. For more than eight years of his life he was part of an American gang where he dealt drugs to members of his community.

Cape Town, South Africa On World’s Top Ten Cities List

AFRICANGLOBE - Cape Town has once again been crowned one of the top 10 cities in the world, coming fourth in Travel and Leisure magazine's annual "World's Best Awards" and claiming a spot in the magazine's hall of fame.

Sony Sets $1.4b For African Electronic Markets

AFRICANGLOBE - Doing business in Africa, especially in electronics has triggered Sony, the American based company, to “set a $1.4 billion target for the continent’s electronics market”, due to the potential in Nigeria and other African electronic markets.

African Continent Can Transform Within a Generation – Donald Kaberuka

AFRICANGLOBE - Speaking at the 23rd World Economic Forum on Africa on Thursday, May 9 in Cape Town, South Africa, African Development Bank President Donald Kaberuka said "Africa has to find its own form of development that works for this continent."

Halt Theft of African Mining Revenue – Kofi Annan

AFRICANGLOBE - African countries need to pass laws compelling foreign mining companies to be more honest in their dealings on the continent, former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan said on Friday.

1834 – A White Woman’s View of Slavery in Cape Town,...

"There has been such a running to and fro by the slaves to get a peep at him; they all fancy they are to be liberated at once." “Poor creatures, they will never be so comfortable and well off as they are now, in my opinion! In this family they are treated more like children than slaves, I never saw anything to exceed the kindness."

Africa’s Largest Media Company Reduces Stake In Facebook

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa’s media giant Naspers‘ Russian associate, Mail.ru, plans to pay $899 million in special dividends next month after reducing stakes in Facebook, and exiting investments inGroupon and Zynga, Business Day reported on Wednesday.

Post-Apartheid South Africa Remains Racially Divided

AFRICANGLOBE - The lingering stench of White apartheid is never far away in South Africa, leading Kenneth Lukuko to wonder whether Cape Town is...

Affordable Luxury in Cape Town, South Africa

As a world-class city blessed with abundant natural beauty; memorable cuisine; endless wine lands; and a fascinating, multi-layered urban heart, Cape Town is renowned...

Africa Becomes World’s Second Largest Mobile Phone Market

AFRICANGLOBE - After moving from an accounted sales of 90 million mobile phones in 2005 to an estimated 450 million in 2012, Africa has...