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A Fools Errand: Caribbean Nations Demand Reparations For Slavery

AFRICANGLOBE - Caribbean nations are preparing to demand reparations from the European nations who once enslaved them. Sir Hilary Beckles, a historian who is pro-vice chancellor of the University of the West Indies in Barbados, is heading up the initiative. Beckles and heads of 15 Caribbean nations, gathered in St. Vincent to unveil their plans.

Caribbean Leaders Defend Haiti, Denounce Dominican Republic Citizenship Ruling

AFRICANGLOBE - In recent days, hundreds of Haitians have been expelled by Dominican authorities — and many continued to leave voluntarily Monday — after violence broke out in the southwestern Dominican border town of Neiba in response to the fatal stabbing of an elderly couple in an apparent home burglary. Residents later lynched a Haitian man, Haitian officials said.