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The Mis-Education Of Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - To borrow from the title of Carter G. Woodson’s famous book "The Mis-Education of the Negro", it is shameful and quite sad to hear and read some of the things, in reference to Black people, are purported to be facts. In many cases we are our own worst enemies because we promulgate much of the nonsense that takes hold in our neighborhoods, and we suffer tremendously for doing so.

The Mis-Education of Americans On Black History

AFRICANGLOBE - Today as we strive to shed light on the glories of African-American history and accomplishments in America, we need a revised version of Carter G. Woodson's classic entitled, “The Mis-education of Americans,” which would not only deal with bias based on skin color, but on the inaccurate history projected in public schools and universities throughout the United States.

Black History 365 Days a Year

AFRICANGLOBE - We have come to the end of Black History Month and for it to symbolize two historically momentous occasions; the 150th and 50th anniversaries of the emancipation proclamation and March on Washington there seemed to be very little media fanfare. While some of us devote considerable attention to the celebration of our history on a regular basis, this shows in particular with the little know Black history fact, many of us don’t make it a priority at all.

Michelle Obama Not Our First Black First Lady? 10 Fascinating Things...

AFRICANGLOBE - Jackie O, perhaps America's most emulated and admired First Lady, descended from a family known as the van Salee's, who were described as "mulatto" in the 17th century. This family traced its lineage in part to a Dutch mariner named Jan Jensen, who turned Turk (what some Europeans called "going native"), which was more popular than common history reveals.

Ever Wondered Why Black History Month is the Coldest and Shortest...

AFRICANGLOBE - Yes, February is the shortest month of the year. However, Kwanzaa runs from December 26 to January 1, and no sooner is it over, than we begin to think of Martin Luther King whose birthday is celebrated on the second Monday in January. And right after the King holiday, we begin to prepare for Black History Month. Therefore, the 64 days between December 26 and February 28, are, in reality, Black History Season.