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U.S. Supreme Court May Strike Down Affirmative Action

The Obama Administration on Monday urged the Supreme Court to uphold the use of race in the University of Texas’s college admissions process, saying...

Judge Rules Kwame Kilpatrick Will Not Get a New Lawyer in...

Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's last-minute plea for a new lawyer, which could have delayed the public corruption trial for several months, was shot...

Names of 6 ‘Secret’ Witnesses in the George Zimmerman Case Released

Prosecutors on Wednesday have released the names of the six secret witnesses in the George Zimmerman second-degree murder case, all of them neighbors who...

Kenya Govt Sponsors Mau Mau Torture Case Against Britain

The Kenyan government has pledged to meet the cost of prosecuting a court case in London where Kenyan freedom fighters have sued the British...

Sanford, Fla. Gets Interim Chief

The Florida city at the center of the Trayvon Martin case appointed a new interim police chief Tuesday while the current one remains on...

Police Brutality Will Get Worse in Britain

The sister of a man who died while being mocked by officers in 1998 says black people will only face more police brutality in...

A Travesty of Justice:NY Court Dismisses Sex Case Against Strauss-Kahn

Though evidence showed Strauss-Kahn had a sexual encounter with Nafissatou Diallo in his hotel suite more than three months ago, prosecutors said the accuser was not credible because of lies she has told, including an earlier false rape claim.