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CBC, NAACP, Urban League are All Hypocrites.

AFRICANGLOBE - I was once told, “Be what you are looking for. If you want friends, go be a friend; if you want love,...

Republicans Attempting to Lynch Eric Holder Over “Fast and Furious”

The U.S. House will vote Thursday on holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for withholding documents involving the failed Fast and...

The Congressional Black Caucus Gets Put In Their Place (Again)

It’s no secret that I am no fan of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) because they are traitors to the black community. Nonetheless, I did start to feel optimistic thinking their souls are not completely owned by white liberals.

Black Jobs Dilemma: Congressional Black Caucus Frustrated With Obama

Congresswoman Maxine Waters minced no words when she said that members of the Congressional Black Caucus are “frustrated” and impatient that President Obama is not doing enough to tackle the crisis problem of black unemployment.