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The Problem With Charities

AFRICANGLOBE -After donating money to Kony 2012, Haiti and various charities, I was sure that a large percentage of the money I donated would go to the people in need. But the more I read about how the donation money was spent, the less desire I have to financially contribute to any charity. I am beginning to feel that my money is just being wasted, and why should I give my money to someone if I feel that they are just going to waste it?

NO! I’m Not Your N*gga

AFRICANGLOBE - For the past 30 years, an element of ruin has taken over Black America while the silent majority sits back, watches and allows the community's annihilation to continue uninterrupted. The time has come for the silent majority to wake up, stand up, and help clean up a mess created by proponents of a self-destructive mind-set. The mindset of the very definition of a N*gga.