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Whites Retaliate?: Monument To Saartjie Baartman Vandalised

AFRICANGLOBE - South African police say they are still searching for those responsible for defacing a memorial of Sarah Baartman in Hankey. It’s the latest incident following a campaign that saw a statue of Cecil John Rhodes removed from the University of Cape Town campus.

South African Students Vow To Fight White Supremacy

AFRICANGLOBE - The UCT #RhodesMustFall Student Movement is an independent collective of students who have come together with the aim of subverting white supremacy and institutional racism at UCT. The removal of the statue will not be the end of this movement, but rather the beginning of the decolonisation of the university.

Bringing Down Cecil John Rhodes’ Statue

AFRICANGLOBE - The students and staff members who walk past the statue of Cecil Rhodes everyday, and perceive its continued existence as a deep insult, a symbol of all that is wrong with UCT and with South Africa — the failure of racial transformation, the power of white privilege, and the persistence of racial subordination.

South African Students Want Statue Of Genocidal Maniac Cecil Rhodes Removed

AFRICANGLOBE - About 500 staff and students from the University of Cape Town gathered on Thursday to demand the removal of a statue of colonial warmonger and genocidal maniac Cecil John Rhodes, which sits on upper campus overlooking the Cape Flats.

Apartheid Did Not Die; It Is Hidden By An Illusion

AFRICANGLOBE - The murder of 34 miners by the South African police, most of them shot in the back, puts paid to the illusion of post-apartheid democracy and illuminates the new worldwide apartheid of which South Africa is both an historic and contemporary model. In 1894, long before the infamous Afrikaans word foretold “separate development” for the majority people of South Africa, an Englishman, Cecil John Rhodes, oversaw the Glen Grey Act in what was then the Cape Colony. This was designed to force Blacks from agriculture into an army of cheap labour, principally for the mining of newly discovered gold and other precious minerals. As a result of this social Darwinism, Rhodes’ own De Beers company quickly developed into a world monopoly, making him fabulously rich. In keeping with liberalism in Britain and the United States, he was celebrated as a philanthropist supporting high-minded causes.