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HEART-BREAKING: Robert Mugabe’s Letter To Black People – You Will Appreciate...

AFRICANGLOBE - My days on this earth are numbered, but I know that once I am gone, you and your children will never forget about me. I want you to understand that the reason I have stayed long in power, 36 years on, is because I want to empower all of you my fellow Black Zimbabweans. No other president in the entire continent of Africa has done what I have done for you.

Why Colonial Symbols Are So Loathed In Africa

AFRICANGOBE - The recent campaign in South Africa against colonial statues is just the tip of the iceberg in an Africa-wide phenomenon that is likely to result in the removal of offending statues of colonial figures from public places. With similar statues removed in Zimbabwe and Namibia in the recent past, other countries are bound to follow suit, writes Baffour Ankomah.

South Africa: Whites Angry As Colonial Statue Is Removed

AFRICANGLOBE - As preparations were made to remove the statue of British colonialist and genocidal maniac Cecil Rhodes from the University of Cape Town Thursday, white groups launched protests to protect what they see as their heritage. South Africa’s oldest university voted Wednesday to remove the monument from its campus after a month of student protests against a perceived symbol of historical white oppression.

Bringing Down Cecil John Rhodes’ Statue

AFRICANGLOBE - The students and staff members who walk past the statue of Cecil Rhodes everyday, and perceive its continued existence as a deep insult, a symbol of all that is wrong with UCT and with South Africa — the failure of racial transformation, the power of white privilege, and the persistence of racial subordination.

South African Students Want Statue Of Genocidal Maniac Cecil Rhodes Removed

AFRICANGLOBE - About 500 staff and students from the University of Cape Town gathered on Thursday to demand the removal of a statue of colonial warmonger and genocidal maniac Cecil John Rhodes, which sits on upper campus overlooking the Cape Flats.